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How do I download and install Panopto?

You can download and install Panopto by following the instructions here if you have administrative privileges on your computer. If you do not have administrative privileges on your computer, see the second FAQ below for details. 

How do I download Panopto if I don’t have administrative privileges on my computer?

ITSD has made it possible to download Panopto onto government-issued computers through the Software Center. You can find it by searching for ‘Software Center’ on your computer. You will need to be on campus or use VPN to connect (USNA VPN options). See client download instructions here. Once Software Center is open, you can select Panopto and install. If you have any difficulties using Software Center you can go to the Software Center Help Page for ITSC ( or come to CTL for individual help!

Software Center

Do I have to go through Blackboard to use Panopto?

No! You can download Panopto through the Software Center. Once Panopto is downloaded to your computer, you can double click on the Panopto desktop icon to open the Panopto Recorder (Note, it will require you to login through Blackboard the first time you run it), and don’t need to work through Blackboard. 

How do I record a video using Panopto?

Once Panopto is installed on your computer, double click on the Panopto desktop icon to open the Panopto Recorder (Note, it will require you to login through Blackboard the first time you run it), see this video tutorial on how to record a video or come see us at CTL!

Can I display the document camera when using Panopto?

Yes, with a few caveats. The document camera must be one of the newer models (Elmo TT-12 – see picture below) and it must be connected to the computer using a ‘mini usb to usb’ cable. Most classrooms are not set up with this capability. If you happen to be in a classroom with this model of document camera connected to the instructor computer, you can follow the instructions here to capture document camera input with Panopto. 

Doc Cam

Can I Use a Smart Phone as a Document Camera and Capture it Through Panopto?
Yes, if you don't have a document camera, you can use your smart phone as a document camera and record it with Panopto by following the instructions here. Note that you will need admin privileges to install the EpocCam software on your computer. If you encounter any technical issues, see the EpocCam support page for further instructions.
Can I use Panopto to deliver my lectures if I am using Google Classroom (instead of Blackboard)?

Absolutely! You can record the lecture using Panopto and then include hyperlinks to the videos in Google Classroom. For help in sharing a Panopto video, see this video tutorial or come see us at CTL if you want help in figuring this out!

How do I access Panopto if it does not show up as an option in my Blackboard course?

You will need to add the option to your Blackboard course menu. Details on how to do this are shown here.

How do I find my Panopto video if I didn’t select a specific folder when I recorded?

The default folder for videos is ‘My Folder’. You can change the folder you are looking at in Blackboard by clicking on the down arrow in the drop-down menu with your course name. Select the My Folder tab and see if the video is there. Be aware there is a delay from the completion of the video to it being ready to view in Blackboard. Try refreshing the browser, if it doesn’t show up after a bit (this length of time will depend on length of the video).

Pull Down Menu

My Folder

Can I use the mouse as a pointer when showing a Powerpoint presentation in Panopto?

Yes. Panopto will capture anything displayed on the computer screen along with any selected video sources.

What kind of editing does Panopto support after the video is saved?

The editing feature for Panopto is just for video editing (so you can’t modify the images but can cut out parts or possibly re-arrange). More details can be found in this video tutorial.

Can Panopto record and also broadcast live?

Yes. There is a webcast option when recording in Panopto. See the video tutorial on using webcast live in Panopto.


How Can a Course Coordinator Share Recordings with Instructors?
Course coordinators can share Panopto recording with other instructors who are teaching different sections of the same course by following the instructions here.
Where can I get technical support?

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact Panopto tech support at:

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