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Center for Cyber Security Studies

Cyber Lecture Series

2019 Cyber Guest's 

March 26, 2019                   Kevin Mandia, CEO, FirEye

Mr. Mandia

Kevin Mandia has been FireEye CEO since June 2016 and a member of the FireEye Board of Directors since February 2016. 

Mr. Mandia spent several hours at the Naval Academy speaking to hundreds of midshipmen interested in cyber operations. Presenting to students in a small group setting as well as hundreds in Alumni Hall gave the students an opportunity to get as much out of the visit as possible.

First Class Midshipman Lucian Rombado states "Mr. Mandia impressed me with his ability to connect with us as beginners in the cyber major. The stories he shared of his early years in cyber made me even more excited to serve alongside him and his FireEye team in the common cyber fight."

While First Class Midshipman Ally Annick thought "he offered a unique perspective when speaking on foreign cyber." She found his involvement in the military and civilian sectors to be most interesting.

And Second Class Midshipman Nick Walden appreciated how Mr. Mandia "took his technical cyber expertise and enhanced it with a geopolitical understanding of nations and how they react to effectively fulfill the requirements of his job." 

The Naval Academy appreciates the time Mr. Mandia dedicated to helping extend the Center for Cyber Security Studies goal of enhancing the education of midshipmen in all areas of cyber war. 





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