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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Our department features world-class undergraduate laboratory facilities and research opportunities. Our research is divided into seven focus areas featured below.
Computer Engineering and Cyber Security
Materials, Devices, and Micro-Scale Fabrication
1. Description:
The ability to fabricate structures, devices, and systems that are robust and precise is extremely important. It requires the development of advanced manufacturing processes that facilitate better, cheaper, and faster transition by removing limitations such as casting, molding, and masking. Our capabilities include cutting-edge micro-scale fabrication and characterization systems supporting our students and faculty in several fields. Our current projects include flexible electronics, reconfigurable antennas, meta-conductors, frequency selective surfaces, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding composites, and additively manufactured MEMS transducers.


2. Faculty:
Professor Samara Firebaugh
Associate Professor Hatem ElBidweihy
Assistant Professor Connor Smith


3. Facilities:
Our facilities include a cleanroom with a maskless aligner for direct-write lithography applications, a magnetron sputtering system for thin-film deposition, a 5-axis aerosol jet printer for conformal and 3d-printed electronics, a physical property measurement system with a full suite of characterization capabilities, a probe station, and several imaging and surface topography measurement systems.
Mobile Agents & Networks
Optics, Photonics, and Electronics
Power and Energy
Signal Processing and Data Science
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