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Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies


FEIWS-Affiliated Courses with Coverage of EM/ Cyber, IW, Joint or OGA

Affiliated faculty teach a broad spectrum of courses that support the FEIWS mission, providing midshipmen with cutting edge exposure and analysis of emerging and irregular warfare studies.

EM/ Cyber

SY485H Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare in the Cyber Domain CAPT Robertson
HH462A History of Technology in Peace and War CAPT Hagerott
HH485A Disruptive Technology and Education CAPT Hagerott

History of Energy, Cyber, and Warfare 

CAPT Hagerott
HH377A History of Technology and Cyberwarfare CAPT Hagerott



HH326 History of Ireland Prof. Ellenberger
HH367A Mercenaries, Empire & War: History of India Pakistan & Afghanistan Assoc. Prof. Bellenoit
HH367B History and Culture of Iran Prof. Tucker
HH367C War, Conflict, and Insurgency in Africa Assoc. Prof. Burgess
HH367D The U.S. in Africa since 1700 Assoc. Prof. Burgess
HH367E Modern Pakistan, Militant Islam and America Assoc. Prof. Bellenoit
HH372 The Golden Age of Piracy Assoc. Prof. Lunsford
HH377A Religion and Violence Assoc. Prof. Bellenoit
HH377B History of Technology CAPT Hagerott
HH367D Vietnam War: An Indigenous History Assoc. Prof. Ruth
HH367 Guerilla Warfare in Southeast Asia Assoc Prof. Ruth
HH377E History of America’s War on Drugs TBD
HH383 Age of Total Warfare, 1815-1945 Prof. McBride
HH385 The U.S. Marine Corps Various
HH386A History of Modern Counterinsurgency CAPT Robertson
HH386B The American Way of War Assoc. Prof. Hsieh
HH462 Soldiers and Empire TBD
HH462B Chinese Art of War Prof. Yu
NE203 Ethics and Moral Reasoning for the Naval Leader CAPT Robertson and various
FP384 Politics of Irregular Warfare Various
NP430 Ethics and Irregular Warfare CAPT Robertson (in work)

Joint/ OGA

HH104 American Naval History CAPT Robertson and various
HH386C The History of Airpower Various
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