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Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies


(CIWAG) U.S. Naval War College Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups:


U.S. Military Academy Combating Terrorism Center (CTC):


Hoover Institute's "Strategika" online journal:

Strategika is an online journal that analyzes ongoing issues of national security in light of conflicts of the past—the efforts of the Military History Working Group of historians, analysts, and military personnel focusing on military history and contemporary conflict.

Our board of scholars shares no ideological consensus other than a general acknowledgment that human nature is largely unchanging. Consequently, the study of past wars can offer us tragic guidance about present conflicts—a preferable approach to the more popular therapeutic assumption that contemporary efforts to ensure the perfectibility of mankind eventually will lead to eternal peace. New technologies, methodologies, and protocols come and go; the larger tactical and strategic assumptions that guide them remain mostly the same—a fact discernable only through the study of history.

USNA FEIWS Suggested Readings:

RDML H.S. Harris, "Confronting Irregular Challenges"


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