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Individual Development Plan

The purpose of this IDP is to help you reach your short and long term career goals and improve your competencies. It is not a performance evaluation tool or one-time activity and should be executed as a partnership between you and your supervisor.

First, have a conversation with your Manager/Supervisor about your career and personal development. You will list here specific knowledge, skills, and abilities to be acquired/developed in this IDP year.

Then, complete your IDP to document  your conversation and goals.  Either print or electronically save your IDP  for periodic reassessment to determine its effectiveness.

Acceptable reasons for “no further development” may include pending retirement, expiration of or short term nature of appointment, etc. Put your reasons in the Employee Comments at the bottom of this form.

Position Developmental Activity

Some developmental activities are required for your position (Example: FM Certifications, Driving Tests, etc). Discuss your plans to accomplish these activities and list them below.

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Personal and Professional Goals

List any personal or professional goals that are unique to you. Be sure your goals can be reasonably accomplished. Keep it manageable!

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