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Human Resources

About Our Civilian Faculty and Staff

The Naval Academy's active duty workforce is supplemented by Department of the Navy civilians who also serve our nation – as professors, coaches, instructors, information technology professionals, finance specialists, administrators, and other support roles typically found at a college or university. Our civilian staff is dedicated to the moral, mental, and physical development of midshipmen and we seek higher education professionals who can model the Navy's core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Civilian employees enjoy the intrinsic rewards which result from being a part of the mission of the Naval Academy, along with other benefits associated with Federal employment. We invite applications from all segments of society to provide the Brigade of Midshipmen with the best educational experience possible and to graduate leaders to serve our nation.

About Our Midshipmen

It takes a special kind of young man or woman to handle the Naval Academy's demanding program, but that doesn't mean all midshipmen are alike. Midshipmen come from all 50 states, U.S. territories and several foreign countries. They have roots in cities, suburbs, farms and ranches, small towns and military bases. They have talents and hobbies of every kind and personalities that fit every description, and they represent the diverse ethnic and cultural heritages that, together, make the United States a great nation.

The young men and women who choose the Naval Academy are looking for more than a college degree. 
They like the idea of being challenged morally, mentally, and physically. They are people who don't want to settle for the ordinary, the routine or the easy. Midshipmen also want to serve their country in a meaningful way – in a profession that helps preserve our nation's freedoms. Finally, midshipmen are young people who look to the future. They look forward to the challenging Naval Academy program, as well as the opportunities open to them in the Navy, Marine Corps, and the nation after graduation.

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