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Human Resources

Getting Started - Your First Day

Check In With Human Resources

On your first day of work you will check in with Human Resources.  (We will coordinate this day with you). 

HR Location

The Human Resources Office is located in Halligan Hall (just outside of gate 8, near the baseball field). 

Our mailing address: 
181 Wainwright Road, Annapolis MD 21402

You can use the following links to obtain directions to our building:
Driving Directions to Human Resources

Access to Building and Parking

Human Resources is located outside of the campus’s gates. 

You may park at any spot marked with a yellow triangle.

For security reasons, our building is locked, so please give us a call at 410-293-3800 or 410-293-2825 to be let into the building. 

What to Bring
1.  To verify your identity and employment eligibility:
  • a valid Passport; or  
  • a combination of
    (1) valid driver’s license and social security card; or
    (2) valid driver’s license and original or certified copy of birth certificate. 


The Oath of Office

You officially become a federal employee of the Naval Academy employee once you have taken the Oath of Office.


We will take your fingerprints electronically on the day of your onboarding as you become a USNA employee. 

This step is essential to ensure that you get a Common Access Card (CAC) card which allows for facility entrance, computer access, etc. 


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