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Human Resources

Getting Started - Before Your First Day

Acceptance of the Position

You can accept this federal position by replying to the HR Specialist who has sent you the offer in this package. 

Your acceptance kicks-off a process which entails a number of pre-employment tasks and deadlines.  HR will guide you through the process—our goal is to make you a USNA employee as efficiently as possible! 

Pre-Employment Forms

As a new appointee, all of your pre-employment forms will be completed electronically through a web-based system called On Boarding Manager.  Human Resources will input your information into the On Boarding Manager system and assign your on boarding forms.  You must complete the requested assignments by the dates indicated in order to come on board with us. 

The system will ask you a series of questions, and your answers will be used to fill out the forms automatically.
You do not need to print or write on any forms.  

You will soon be receiving an additional email with instructions on how to create a login to the onboarding system. 

Please be sure to write down your username and password and keep them in a place where they are readily available —you will need to log into this system first as an applicant from home, then again, here, on your first day of work.

Background Investigation

All civilian positions require a background investigation, which is initiated before you arrive, and finalized after you have entered-on-duty.  Your appointment is contingent until the background investigation is finalized. You will soon be contacted to complete your application electronically through a system called eQIP. 

Once your account has been established, you will have 7 calendar days to complete the online application.  It is essential that this happens without delay.

When you have completed your investigation application, you will have the opportunity to print out signature pages.  Please print the four signature pages at the end and sign them. You must bring your signature pages with you on your first day of work. Without them, we will not be able to issue the Oath of Office and make you a USNA employee.

Campus Access and Parking

To gain access to the campus for your first day of work Human Resources will request a temporary 30 day parking pass for you.  You will be able to drive on campus with your parking pass and your driver’s license.  Human Resources is located outside of the base’s gates and your pass will be ready for you at check in.

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