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Human Resources

***Documentation Submission Procedures***

The Department of the Navy (DON) has updated qualification and eligibility documentation requirements for all jobs posted on USAJOBS.  Please read the following documents before applying for positions on USAJOBS:

Staff Positions

Support roles at the Naval Academy are filled through typical competitive federal hiring procedures. The following positions are currently accepting submissions.    

        Skilled Trades-- Federal Wage System
        Financial Management
        Information Technology

        Midshipman Development Center
        Engineering & Weapons Division
        Office of Admissions   

Management Identification of Candidates (MIoC)

The positions below are ONLY open to current USNA appropriated funded employees.  No applications will be accepted from any other candidates.  Time-in-Grade requirements for GS employees still apply.

Direct Hire Authority for Recent Graduates

The positions below are ONLY open to applicants who have completed a bachelor's or graduate degree within the last 2 years.  For veterans who have completed more than four years of obligated uniformed service, the degree may not have been awarded more than four years prior to appointment.  No applications will be accepted from any applicant who does not meet the recent graduate requirement.

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