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Human Resources

Employment Verification

Need to verify your employment? Look no further! Depending on the information you need provided to the third party there are a few different ways to get it.

First, is this the right office?

You may not be aware that there is actually more than one HR office at USNA! This HR Office handles faculty and staff (GS & WG) - think educational technicians, professors, tutors, technicians, IT specialists, etc. Other types of positions, however, are not under our oversight - most coaches, sales clerks, etc.

Email us at just to make sure you have the right department.

Verbal Employment Verification

Some lenders may have all the information they need from you already and just need HR to give a verbal yes or no to whether or not you work there. Now if this is the only information they need, no problem - we have you covered.  

Email us at and we'll have someone ready to answer that inquiry. If they are looking for more specific information, though, you will need to use one of the options listed below.

Third Party Requestors

If you are a lender, Social Service Agency representative, landlords, or other individual you MUST work through the employee to obtain employment and/or salary verification information. The most our office could provide is the very limited verbal verification mentioned above. 

All employees are informed of how to verify their own employment and may also visit this website for more information.

Current Civilian Employees

While our HR Office cannot provide much information, you as a current employee can request the information yourself using the MyBiz+ Employment Verification tool using your Common Access Card (CAC). This will send a password-protected employment verification to the third party - document goes to them, password goes to you. If you need help with this system feel free to contact us at

Former Civilian Employees

If you are a retired employee you may use myPay to obtain a copy of their Retiree Account Statement. Additionally, retired Civilian Employees may request service from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Office by phone or via OPM Services Online. Your 1099-R reflects both taxable Retired Pay and taxable Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay.

If you are a separated employee (non-retired) you may request access to their Official Personnel files (120 days after your separation date) either in person or electronically from the National Federal Records Center.

Current and Former Military Servicemembers

Military Servicemembers can refer requestors to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) website for independent verification of service dates and/or to obtain a copy of their leave and earnings statement via myPay, a Defense Finance and Accounting Service tool.

Military Retirees may also use myPay to obtain a copy of their Retiree Account Statement.


Verification of Attendance as a Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy or verification of military pay while a Midshipmen can be requested through the Registrar's Office.

The Naval Academy Businees Services Division (NABSD) Human Resources Division has responsibility for all the Non Appropriated Funded (NAF) employees are part of the .  You can reach them for employment verification via email at
Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA)
The Naval Academy Athletic Association is a 501C3 non-profit organization who is responsible for the physical mission and athletics at the Naval Academy.  For employment verification of their employees, email
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