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School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mahan Building

Name Phone Office Email
Jeffrey Smitherman
Colonel, USMC, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
(410) 293-6301 Sampson Hall 261
Matthew Testerman, PhD
Captain, USN, Military Deputy to the Dean
(410) 293-6303 Sampson Hall 259
Roy Nicka
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC, MARDET Chief of Staff
(410) 293-6305 Sampson Hall 263
Brooke Campbell
Captain, USMC, Marine Operations Officer
(410) 293-6221 Sampson Hall 239
Audrey Graber
Captain, USMC, Marine Adjutant
(410) 293-6304 Sampson Hall 267
Jamie Herrera
Lead Educational Technician
(410) 293-6300 Sampson Hall 266

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