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Institutional Research, Planning & Analysis

Institutional Research, Planning & Analysis

Vision, Mission, and Functions Overview


Responsible for providing information and data to the Superintendent and Naval Academy leadership to support institutional planning, policy formation, and decision making. To serve as the principal advisor for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data and information regarding candidates, midshipmen, and graduates of the Naval Academy.


  • Support Stakeholder Decision Makers
    • Provide and interpret data to decision makers to assist in management decision making.
    • Build strong networks with USNA organizations.
    • Coordinate with other DoD, DoN, institutional research and educational originations.
    • Understand USNA and customer needs.
  • Serve as the Official USNA Data Source
    • Provide quality assurance for all USNA data and statistical information.
    • Maintain USNA data. A partial list of the types of data kept include: (1) enrollment, (2) student characteristics, (3) graduates, (4) retention and attrition rates and (5) graduation rates.
  • Assessment Research
    • Provide Data and Statistical Analysis for Academy Effectiveness Board studies.
    • Prepare studies and analysis. This includes one-time or recurring studies to provide information for policy and decision making. Frequent topics include retention and attrition issues, performance of graduates, candidate performance at the USNA Preparatory School, and assessment of midshipmen character development.
  • Internal and External Surveys Reporting
    • Manage the USNA Survey Program.
    • Prepare Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS) reports. This includes numerous reports to include: (1) Institutional Characteristics, (2) Completions/Degrees Conferred, (3) Faculty Salaries, (4) Occupationally Specific Enrollment, (5) Fall Enrollment, and (6) Employees.
    • Serve as central POC for all external surveys such as U.S. News & World Report and Forbes.
  • Research Support to faculty, staff and midshipmen
    • Provide information/data in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 and Institutional Review Board guidelines.
    • Provide Statistical and Research Methodology Support.
    • Support external researchers. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment serves as the clearinghouse for external researchers wishing to utilize the Academy for research purposes. We can provide contact information for potential sponsors and can facilitate review of research protocols and data collection instruments for use at the Academy.
  • Ad Hoc Queries
    • Respond to the information needs of customers.
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