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Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law

About the LEL Department

The Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law delivers a curriculum of over 35 core and elective courses that allow Midshipmen to better conceptualize military leadership and develop the skills critical to Officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. We accomplish this through formal instruction by our combined permanent military and civilian faculty, complimented by the practical knowledge and fleet experience of our rotational Navy and Marine Corps Officers. This unique and relevant combination of academic and professional expertise profoundly enhances the classroom experience, transforming the learning environment from abstract study into pertinent and timely application of knowledge.

The department's core educational program consists of required courses in leadership, ethics, character, and law, and provides Midshipmen the ability to:

  • Understand human behavior as it pertains to leaders in military organizations.
  • Demonstrate increasingly complex applications of leader skills related to human behavior, character, ethics and military law.
  • Integrate, analyze, and evaluate acquired knowledge and experience, and effectively use it in the decision-making process.

During the four-year program, Midshipmen study leadership, human behavior, ethics, law, and character in the context of individual, group, and organizational levels. In addition, Midshipmen gain an understanding and appreciation of the values, culture, and specialized knowledge encompassed by Officership in the Navy and Marine Corps.

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