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Division of Leadership Education and Development

Division Staff

Name Phone Email
Jason Rimmer
CAPT, USN, LEAD Division Director
Bacho, Erick
CDR, USN, Electives Professor
Beitler, Benjamin
LCDR, USN, NL110 Professor
Bernard, Colin
CDR, USN, NL310 Professor
Byrne, Christine
CIV, LEAD Executive Assistant
Chi, Sarah
LT, NL400 Professor
Eberle, Chris
Dr., NE203 Professor
Garren, David
Dr. , NE203 Professor
Germano, Douglas
Capt, USMC, NL400 Professor
Good, Mike
Robert T. Herres Distinguished Military Professor of Ethics
Hart, Christopher
LCDR, USN, NL310 Course Coordinator
Hedahl, Marcus
Dr., NE203 Professor
Irby, Withney
Capt, NL110 Professor
Jessup, Mark
LT, Professor of Military Law
Johnson, Brad
Dr., Senior Professor
Kinding, Kathy
Kopa, Michael
Maj, USMC, NL310 Professor
Ledford, Andrew
Lengbeyer, Lawrence
Dr., NE203 Professor
Lindsell, Geoffrey
Capt, USMC, NL310 Professor
Litchford, Danielle
LCDR, USN, NE203 Course Coordinator
Luning, Celeste
Dr., Class of 67 Leadership Research Fellow
McCrory, Chardell
CIV, ELD Executive Assistant
McMahon, Coli
LCDR, NL400 Professor of Military Law
Moffitt, Steve
LCDR, NL110 Course Coordinator
Mullaney, Kevin
CAPT, USN, LEAD Division Deputy Director
Norton, Michael
CDR, USN, LEL Associate Chair
Ogden, Byron
CAPT, USN, LEAD Division
Pallotta, MJ
Col, USMCR, ELD Director
Patel, Gloria
MAJ, USA, NL110 Professor
Peterman, Ryan
LT, Honor Education and Remediation Officer
Rau, Douglas
Dr., Class of 1961 ; Chair and Distinguished Professor of Leadership Education
Robinson, Nizhonlii
Maj, USMC, NL110 Professor
Rodgers, Brian
LCDR, USN, NL110 Faculty Development
Rosenstein, Judith
Dr. , Electives Professor
Rothchild, Benjamin
Capt, USMC, NL400 Professor
Rubel, Rick
CAPT, NE203 Professor
Sager, Joshua
CAPT, Deputy Director of LEAD
Santiago, Lindsey
LCDR, USN, NL110 Course Director
Skerker, Michael
Dr., NE203 Professor
Todd, Jonathan
LT, USN, NL400 Course Director
Van Dam, Thomas
LCDR, USN, NL310 Course Director
Vavasseur, Jana
CDR, USN, Honor Education and Remediation Officer
Wallace, David
BG(R), USA, Distinguished Military Professor of Law & Leadership
Wallace, David
CDR, USN, Ph.D., NL310 Professor
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