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Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference
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2013 Archive

Courageous Leadership: Bold Action in the Face of Adversity

The Focus of LC13

In an interconnected and global marketplace of ideas, products, and services, today’s government and business leaders are making difficult decisions each day affecting millions of people worldwide. In these conditions, leaders must deal with ill-defined problems, react quickly to shifting trends fueled by social media, and take bold action when clear answers are elusive. But there is a fine line between bold action and reckless risk-taking. Our political, military, and economic leaders are confronted with extraordinary challenges, yet some manage to create opportunity out of hardship. Leading is difficult even when conditions are favorable, but in strong winds and heavy seas, how do leaders weather the storm to overcome adversity? How does a leader inspire rebirth and rejuvenate an organization that is waning? When and how do leaders take the big risk and be the catalyst for change within an organization? This year’s conference aims to understand the role courage and risk-taking plays in the shaping of great leaders.

Featured Speakers of LC13

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