Mechanical Engineering
Midshipmen at work
Midshipmen at work

Mechanical Engineering Department

Volvo Manufacturing Plant

Student Highlights 1/C Midshipmen in Prof. Patrick Caton's EM461 Elective travel to Volvo's manufacturing plant in Hagerstown, MD. Read more about this exciting trip.


Student Highlights See what Mechanical Engineering students are up to in Prof. Ratcliff's EM215 Class! See the video here!

CDR Soonkook Hong

Faculty Highlights The Mechanical Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy welcomes CDR Soonkook Hong to its faculty as an Assistant Professor. You can read more about CDR Hong's background and expertise.


Four students win awards at the American Nuclear Society Student Conference. Read about their achievements here.

MIDN Jennifer Coletta Presenting Research

Research Highlights MIDNs Jennifer Coletta and Megan Rausch presented posters at the Technical Corrosion Collaboration Conference (TCC) 2015.

Prof. Joel Schubbe teaching students

Research Highlights Prof. Joel Schubbe is determining the mechanisms that result in materials degradation due to a newly recognized phenomenon called Corrosion Fatigue. You can read more about his work in a recent issue of Advanced Materials & Processes.


The mechanical engineering program supports the Academy's mission by providing midshipmen with a broad education in mechanical engineering subjects and a knowledge of fundamental engineering principles that enhance their ability to understand and design naval systems and to supervise the operation of these systems.   The Mechanical Engineering Department strives to maintain faculty, curriculum, and supporting facilities which facilitate excellence in undergraduate teaching.

The Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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Four Students Win Awards at American Nuclear Society Student Conference

Every year the American Nuclear Society organizes a student conference where undergraduate and graduate students from universities across the country gather to communicate their work. 
This year we sent seven students (five ENRs and two EMEs) to present work done as part of two Bowman Scholar projects, the two capstone teams and one summer internship.  Four of the seven students were recognized by the conference judging committee. You can read about their achievements here.

Prof. Ralph Volino Recently Elected as Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Prof. Ralph Volino was recently elected as a Fellow of the ASME for scientific contributions to the understanding and modeling of flow conditions typical for gas turbine blades including rough wall flows, boundary layer transition on curved surfaces in high free stream turbulence, boundary layer separation and reattachment on the suction surface of low pressure turbine airfoils, and turbine blade film cooling.

LT CDR Ethan Lust, Prof. Luksa Luznik and Prof. Karen Flack awarded 3rd Best Paper Award

LT CDR Ethan Lust, Prof. Luksa Luznik and Prof, Karen Flack were recently awarded a 3rd place best paper award for 2015 in the International Journal of Marine Energy for their paper entitled "The influence of surface gravity waves on marine current turbine performance".

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