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Notable Graduates

Alan G. Kirk

Alan G. Kirk

United States Ambassador

  • Class of 1909
  • United States Ambassador:
    Belgium, 1946-1949
    Soviet Union, 1949-1951
    Republic of China, Taiwan, 1962-1963



Alan G. Kirk was born in October 30th, 1888 in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1909. He passed away October 15th 1963, in New York; just days before his 75th birthday.

A career Naval Officer, Alan Goodrich Kirk, served in the First World War, was Naval Attaché in London from 1939-1941, and commanded naval amphibious groups during the invasions of Sicily and Normandy. He retired from the Navy as a full admiral in 1946. President Truman named him Ambassador to Belgium, and then sent him to Moscow when Ambassador Walter Smith fell ill. A decade later in 1962, he was appointed Ambassador to the Republic of China, Taiwan. Ambassador Kirk served in Moscow during the second term of President Truman, when North Korea invaded South Korea, the Soviet Government blockaded Berlin, and the two nations settled into the icy confrontation of the Cold War.

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