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Notable Graduates

Horacio Rivero

Horacio Rivero

United States Ambassador

Class of 1931
  • United States Ambassador to Spain, 1972-1974



Horacio "Rivets" Rivero was the first Latino four-star U.S. Naval Admiral. Admiral Rivero received his Fourth Admiral Star in 1964 making him the first to attain such a high rank in the modern Navy. He graduated third in a class of 441 from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1931 as a specialist in ordnance engineering, later in nuclear weaponry.

Admiral Rivero served as a gunnery officer aboard the San Juan and Pittsburgh cruisers during WWII earning a Bronze Star, and during the Korean War he commanded the USS Noble, an amphibious transport ship.

He held the Navy's No.2 post serving as the Vice-Chief of Naval Operations from 1961 through much of 1968. Admiral Rivero retired after serving his last four years in the Navy as the Commander of NATO's Allied Forces in Southern Europe. After retirement he was named Ambassador from the U.S. to Spain by President Nixon.

Admiral Rivero died at his home in Coronado, California on September 24, 2000. He was 90 years old.

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