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Notable Graduates

Commandant of the Marine Corps

Wendell C. Neville

Wendell C. Neville

Class of 1890
  • Commandant of the Marine Corps, 1929-1930
  • Medal of Honor Recipient



Wendell C. Neville was born at Portsmouth, Virginia, on 12 May 1870. He graduated from the Naval Academy in the class of 1890 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1892. He was brevetted to captain in 1898 for his outstanding leadership and valor at Guantanamo Bay, and in 1900 he was commended for gallantry for his role in the China Relief Expedition.

In 1914, Neville led the Marines ashore at Veracruz, Mexico, and was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. During World War I, he commanded the 5th Marines at Belleau Wood and later rose to command of the 4th Marine Brigade.

Promoted to major general in 1923, Neville succeeded Lejeune as Commandant on 5 March 1929. He died at Edgewater Beach, Maryland, on 8 July 1930, only 16 months after taking office. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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