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Notable Graduates

David Robinson

David Robinson

Professional Athlete

Class of 1987
  • Professional Basketball Player



Recruited by Annapolis to play for the Academy's basketball team, David Robinson went from being a 6' 4" freshman who averaged just 7.6 points per game to a dominating 7' 1" College Player of the Year senior.

Selected by the San Antonio Spurs as the number one NBA draft pick in 1987, the man known as 'The Admiral' put off his rookie season until the 1989-90 season due to his commitments to the Navy. This decision clearly had no adverse effect upon him as he would go on to be named 'Rookie of the Year.'

He was the first male basketball player to play on three U.S. basketball teams in the Olympic Games; 1996 in Atlanta (gold), 1992 in Barcelona (gold), and 1988 in Seoul (bronze). In 2009 he was inducted into the hall of fame along with Michael Jordan and John Stockton.

In 1991 he visited the 5th grade class at Gates Elementary School in Texas. He challenged the 94 students of the class to finish high school, promising each of them a $2,000 scholarship if they did so. In 1998 when 50 of those students graduated, he presented each of them with an $8,000 scholarship. In 1997 he donated $5 million dollars to found the Carver Academy, which he continued to donate to in the following years. Due to his commitment to the community, the NBA renamed their Community Assist Award to be the David Robinson Plaque in 2003.

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