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Political Science Department


  • Bertocci, Tim

    Adjunct Instructor M.A., International Affairs and National Security, Georgetown University B.S., West Point, 1999
  • Harris, Drew

    Maj, USMC Instructor M.A., Security Studies (East Asia and the Indo-Pacific), Naval Postgraduate School, 2022 M.S., Entrepreneurship, Oklahoma State University, 2014 B.A., Political Science, University of Southern California, 2010
  • Laverde, Rene

    CDR, USN Instructor MA, Rhodes University (RSA), 1989 BA, California State University Los Angeles, 1987
  • Lerner, Alexis

    Assistant Professor PhD: University of Toronto (2020); MA: Georgetown University (2013); BA: McGill University (2010)
  • Miller, Andrew

    Assistant Professor PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020 MSFS, Georgetown University, 2011 BA, The George Washington University, 2007
  • Ostwind, David S.

    CAPT, USN Master Instructor Master of National Security & Strategic Studies, US Naval War College Master of Public Administration, Harvard University Master of Science in Engineering Management, George Washington University BS, USNA (Political Science)
  • Slusser, Naomi

    LCDR, USN Instructor MA, Asian International Affairs, University of Hawaii, 2022 MBA, Global Management, UCLA, 2016 B.S., U.S. Naval Academy, 2009
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