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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office
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USNA SAPRO’s Training and Education programming, through evidenced-based and best-practice techniques of training and education, aims to help foster a culture in which any act of sexual assault or sexual harassment among USNA midshipmen, faculty and staff is not welcome and not tolerated.  The programming also aims to train and educate personnel in the institution, in collaboration with USNA SAPRO’s response personnel, about issues regarding survivors and response so that survivors can be optimally supported, advocated for and cared for. We adhere strongly to the research-supported best practice of bystander intervention to encourage proactive leadership and community to prevent sexual assault and harassment.  

Training & Education 

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office provides annual training and education opportunities for all midshipmen, faculty and staff, active duty and civilian.  Training and education sessions range from large group informational sessions to small, interactive discussion format.  The SAPR Office also partners with subject matter experts external to USNA to enhance our training and education.

SHAPE ProgramSHAPE session

The primary form of training and education for the midshipmen is the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Education (SHAPE) Program.  The mission of the SHAPE program is to foster an environment of equality and assist in the development of future officers who will promote and practice proactive leadership.

Midshipmen SHAPE Peer Educators facilitate discussions about sexual harassment and sexual assault to empower midshipmen with increased awareness and active intervention skills. Our mission calls us to ensure every member of our Academy and military is regarded with dignity and respect.

SHAPE focuses on broadening midshipmen awareness of sexual harassment and assault, emphasizing and fostering their role as solution-focused leaders.  The program approaches the subject-matter as both a cultural issue, deconstructing myths and accepted behaviors and a leadership issue, providing practical tools to intervene proactively.  The curriculum incorporates midshipmen feedback and integrates the unique cultures of USNA, the Navy and the Marine Corps.  SHAPE supports the Sexual Assault Response program by reinforcing victim response and support for victims.

SHAPE is a tiered approach, explicitly aligned with the 4-year USNA leadership curriculum that utilizes a small-group, discussion-based format.  4/C receive four peer education sessions per year. 3/C receive three peer education sessions per year and 2/C receive two peer education sessions per year with incorporation of additional material into corresponding leadership and legal classes.  Our 1/C midshipmen do not receive peer education.  Instead, the SHAPE program has collaborated with USNA's Character Development & Training department to include scenarios involving sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Capstone Seminar that every 1/C must attend.  In this seminar, various scenarios that mirror real-life situations a junior officer will face are discussed and strategized with the guidance of officers and senior enlisted leaders.

Guest presentations specific to each class are incorporated each year and are debriefed in later peer education sessions.

Midshipmen SAPR GUIDEs

The purpose of the midshipmen SAPR GUIDE Program is to promote an open environment throughout the Brigade in which midshipmen victims feel free to report incidents of sexual assault without fear of stigma or retaliation.

A SAPR GUIDE is a midshipman providing Guidance, Understanding, Information, Direction & Education both within the Brigade of Midshipmen and throughout the larger Naval Academy family.  GUIDEs are recognized SAPR resources and sources of support responsible for outreach, advocacy and education.  GUIDEs are equipped through Fleet-relevant training to be sensitive and capable SAPR allies.

It's On Us Midshipman Advisor and CommitteeIOU 2017 logo

Launched in September 2014, It’s On Us is a national movement to end sexual assault. The campaign was launched following recommendations from the White House Task Force to Prevent Sexual Assault that noted the importance of engaging everyone in the conversation to end sexual violence. It’s On Us asks everyone – students, community leaders, parents, organizations, and companies – to step up and realize that the conversation changes with us. Midshipmen have answered the call and taken the pledge.  Each year, USNA nominates a midshipman IOU advisor and empowers a committee to plan and execute a "IOU Week of Action" and several "IOU Day of Action" throughout the academic year to combine innovative creative content to spark conversation on a national and local level.

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