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Submarine Warfare

Submarine Officer (Nuclear Submarines)

They’re among the most advanced, secretive vessels in the Fleet. And their Officers are among the most respected and highly trained. Navy nuclear submarine Officers are leaders of a critically important arm of the Fleet.

Nuclear Submarine Officers are in charge of all that goes into driving, powering, arming and operating the Navy’s Fleet of attack, ballistic missile and guided missile submarines. The stealth technology and advanced warfare capabilities of these nuclear-powered vessels, magnified by the sheer aptitude of those at the helm, has led to years of successful conflict engagement and deterrence.

Naturally, the Officers who man these 1.5 billion dollar vessels are held to the highest of standards and have extraordinary roles and responsibilities. Only a select group of disciplined and committed Officers are given the opportunity to lead departments up to an entire crew, commanding some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.

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