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LOG Enthusiasts,

Welcome to our own little corner on the Internet. We're here to keep up you up to date with the magazine that we all love and adore. The LOG staff effervescently thanks you for your support and we hope that we continue to keep you entertained even in your darkest hour, assuming you brought your The LOG copy to your darkest hour. Thanks!

We appreciate all the correspondence and inquiries regarding your recent subscriptions. Please be aware that, like fine wine, all good things take time. On this note, to help keep your cost low we chose the "non-overnight" delivery method. But rest assured, your subscription has been mailed and is on its way across the country to your mailbox.

As always, we enjoy reading your mail and look forward to feedback in the future.

Thanks for reading,

The LOG Magazine Staff

PS: Many have asked about online payment methods (such as PayPal) and our response is simple: No. At least, not yet. THEY won't allow us to set up such a system, so we're stuck asking for checks. Hopefully in the long run we will be enabled to utilize 21st-century technology, but until that day we simply ask that you print out the form and mail in your subscription the old-fashioned way.

Mission Statement

The LOG Magazine is an organization of Midshipmen whose goal is to publish a humorous periodical for the enjoyment of the Brigade.

It is not within our objectives to undermine the mission of the Naval Academy.

We do not condone racism, sexism, the glorification of alcohol, sexual misconduct, or mean-spirited personal attacks on individuals for the sake of comedy. The LOG Magazine is an outlet for creativity, artistic ability, and comedic talent.

We aim to boost morale, maintain a sense of humor, and give the Brigade a periodical that is truly theirs.

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