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Common Quandaries

What are the boundaries of political correctness for The LOG? How inappropriate are you going to get?
The LOG Mission Statement: The LOG Magazine is an organization of Midshipmen whose goal is to publish a humorous periodical for the enjoyment of the Brigade. It is not within our objectives to undermine the mission the Naval Academy. We do not condone racism, sexism, the glorification of alcohol, sexual misconduct, or mean-spirited personal attacks on individuals for the sake of comedy. The LOG Magazine is an outlet for creativity, artistic ability, and comedic talent. We aim to boost morale, maintain a sense of humor, and give the Brigade a periodical that is truly theirs.
What happened to The LOG, and who is the stud who is bringing it back?!
The LOG was the magazine of the Brigade of Midshipmen from 1913 until 2000, when it was abruptly cancelled due to inappropriate content. In its 85 volumes, The LOG Magazine chronicled the life of the Brigade and boosted morale. It was the pressure valve for Mother B.
To answer the second part of the question, please send all inquiries and requests for romantic dining experiences to
Will everyone be able to obtain copies of the literary masterpiece?
Yes. You need not be able to properly recite "The Qualifications of a Naval Officer," "The Man in the Arena," the Mission of the United States Naval Academy, all 27 Laws of the Navy, and answer the question, "What time is it?" to be allowed to own such a fine work of art. All you need to do is subscribe.
Can I contribute my own writing and artwork at random?
Yes, you can. Please send anything which you would like considered for inclusion in The LOG to
Can I use The LOG for various purposes, such as a door mat or a skirt?
Whatever floats your boat, though we do ask that you make your LOG skirt regulation length.
Will there be a section of The LOG in a foreign language, namely Swahili or German?
Nr. Die Maschinenbordbuch-Zeitschrift mächte nicht den Verstand der deutschen Leute unterhalten. Wir sind wirklich traurig. Wenn Sie die Anstrengung unternahmen, dieses zu übersetzen, bitten Sie bitte Ihren Zimmergenossen, Sie zu schlagen.
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