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Submitting Content

This is your magazine. As such, it requires your participation. Think of the staff as a compiling committee more than as a group of writers. You are the cogs in the machine; we are the grease that keeps it running smoothly.

Should you be suddenly hit by a stroke of creative genius, write it down and send it to   The LOG. If you turn to a classmate and say, "Did you hear about the guy who..." send it to   The LOG. If you witness something walking to that class out in the back of Rickover that makes you think, "Wow, I would only see that at the Naval Academy," send it to   The LOG. We will accept cartoons, satire, profiles on specific persons, feature articles, pictures with captions, fake news, real news, fake advertisements, rumors, innuendo, and even clever poetry. Email  with your submissions. If it cannot be submitted electronically, send us an email and we'll arrange to pick it up. Alternatively, mail Salty Sam at

MWF LOG Magazine
101 Buchanan Road
Room 3006
Annapolis, MD 21402.

All submissions from the Brigade will be considered.   The LOG  staff will do everything possible to print content in its original form. At times, it may be necessary due to layout restraints, spell checking, or necessary tweaking to edit some portions of submitted content.   The LOG  staff reserves this right and will make every effort to keep the original voice intact.

Please use the web form for your submissions!

Submitting to Salty

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