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Transportation Department

Transportation Department

The USNA Transportation Department is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation to all Midshipmen, future Midshipmen, and other government agencies.

We take pride in being the primary source of transportation for all Midshipmen. We provide transportation to and from most of the major events that help support the physical, mental and moral mission of all USNA Midshipmen. We have a daily schedule link that lists the available Transportation Bus Schedules.  The Transportation Department will update the schedule as changes/updates occur.  

In order to provide the most current and updated information on the website, it is essential that customers follow the Transportation scheduling request process in the sequence outlined below: 

  • Submit request no later than 4-6 weeks prior to the scheduled event
  • Check the Mids System to validate the status of the request
  • Requests must be approved by Logistics in order for Transportation to review it (make sure you allow time for approval)
  • Go to Transportation Website to validate a bus has been scheduled for the date and times requested

To get an idea of USNA bus support cost click here. (Access needs to be requested)  This sample should be used as a guide only.  If you have any questions, please give the Transportation Department a call at 410-293-5751.

*Please note that when the US Naval Academy is closed or have a delay for any reason, the Transportation Department will be closed or delayed also. For information regarding closures/delays refer to the USNA/NSAA Facebook ( USNA | NSAA) or Twitter ( USNA | NSAA).


Our team of drivers typically drive hundreds of thousands of miles each year and have an excellent safety record. All of the drivers at USNA hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and are some of the best motorcoach operators in the Eastern US. Some of the most dedicated individuals at USNA can be found behind the wheel of a USNA bus.

***For other vehicles (sedan, vans, trucks, flatbeds, etc) that can be driven by most personnel assigned to the USNA, please call VJFS Dispatcher at 410-293-5724 /  Their hours are from 0700-1530 M-F.

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