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Michael D. M. Kutzer, Ph.D.

MATLAB Toolbox for Intelitek Scorbot-ER 4U


This toolbox interfaces the Intelitek ScorBot-ER 4U with MATLAB. The toolbox allows users to control ScorBot using waypoint commands in joint space and task space, to acquire sensor information from ScorBot, create and command a simulated 3D representation of ScorBot, and to visualize aspects of ScorBot's movements. This download includes an installation function to create the toolbox, and add paths as needed. All toolbox functions include extensive help documentation and error checking.


  • Hardware Interface
    • SCORBOT-ER 4U by Intelitek with USB controller and teach pendant
    • Windows 32-bit OS (XP and 7) to interact with SCORBOT hardware
    • MATLAB R2010b or later
  • Simulation Interface
    • MATLAB R2010b or later


First Time Installation Instructions

  1. Download "" (or alternate version)
  2. Unzip ""
  3. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  4. Change your MATLAB Current Directory to the location containing contents of the unzipped ScorBotToolbox
  5. Run "installScorBotToolbox"
  6. Move "ScorBotToolbox Example SCRIPTS" to a location of your choosing (optional)

Update Instructions

  1. Open MATLAB as an administrator
  2. Run "ScorUpdate"

Download ScorBot ToolBox 

Known Issues

  • ScorSetDeltaBSEPR.m produces unexpected movements for large changes of Joint 1.
  • ScorSim*.m does not include collision detection
  • ScorBot workspace is limited to "elbow-up" configurations only.
  • MATLAB crashes can occur when the connection(s) between the Teach Pendant and ScorBot Controller is/are loose.
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