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USNA Weather Forecast

Forecast Discussion:

A cold front will push through the area today. Behind the front, the humidity will drop significantly tonight and Saturday. A Low pressure system will pass to the south on Sunday with scattered showers possible through midday. The northward extent of the rain Sunday afternoon will depend on the track of the Low. Looking ahead, the upper-air pattern will become favorable for repeated rain chances Tuesday through Friday of next week. Multiple pieces of upper-air energy could pass through the Mid-Atlantic region, although at this time the timing and intensity is unclear.

Note: The next regular forecast will not be issued until 09 August. For updates, please visit the National Weather Service at

Five Day Weather Forecast:

  • Friday: Mild with gradually clearing skies. Lower humidity in the evening and overnight. North wind 13-18 mph. High near 88 oF. WBGT: 82-84 oF.
  • Saturday: Mostly sunny and seasonably cool with less humidity. West wind 5-10 mph. Low: 64-68 oF. High: 80-84 oF.
  • Sunday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers in the morning (50% chance) and periods of rain possible in the afternoon (40% chance). South wind 10-15 mph, gusting to 25 mph. Low: 66-70 oF. High: 82-86 oF.
  • Monday: Sunny and pleasant. North wind 8-13 mph. Low: 66-70 oF. High: 82-86 oF.
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny with scattered showers possible (30% chance). East wind 5-10 mph. Low: 66-70 oF. High: 82-86 oF.

Five Day Coastal Flooding Forecast:

  • Coastal nuisance flooding is not anticipated on 30 July – 03 August.

ISSUED: 30 July 2021 at 0840
NEXT FORECAST: 09 August 2021
FORECASTER: Meteorologist A.R. Davies | Follow on Facebook


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