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USNA Weather

USNA Weather Forecast

Forecast Discussion:

A series of warm fronts will pass Wednesday night/Thursday and again on Friday. As a result, high temperatures on Friday and Saturday will surge into the upper 80s and low 90s. A slow-moving cold front will likely approach/pass Sunday and Monday with showers and thunderstorms. Some storms could become strong or severe. The passing front will drop high temperatures back into the 70s for Commissioning Week.

The Commissioning Week Weather Outlook has been issued and is available online at:

Five Day Weather Forecast:

  • Wednesday: Sunny and seasonably cool. Showers likely overnight (60% chance). South wind 5-10 mph. High near 72 oF.
  • Thursday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers possible (25% chance). South wind 5-10 mph Low: 58-62 oF. High: 78-82 oF.
  • Friday: Mostly sunny and warm with increasing humidity. South wind 8-13 mph. Low: 60-64 oF. High: 84-88 oF.
  • Saturday: Sunny, hot, and humid. South wind 5-10 mph. Low: 68-72 oF.  High: 88-92 oF. Heat Index: 92-96 oF. WBGT: 82-84 oF.
  • Sunday: Partly sunny, warm, and humid. Showers and thunderstorms likely in the evening and overnight (60% chance). Some storms could be strong or severe. South wind 10-15 mph. Low: 70-74 oF. High: 84-88 oF.

Five Day Coastal Flooding Forecast:

  • Minor coastal flooding is possible around high tide at 0843 on 19 May with maximum water levels between 2.3 and 2.8 ft above MLLW.
  • Coastal nuisance flooding is not anticipated 20-22 May. 

ISSUED: 18 May 2022 at 0812
NEXT FORECAST: 20 May 2022
FORECASTER: Meteorologist A.R. Davies | Follow on Facebook


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