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USNA Weather

Meet the 2016-2017 Weather Team

Midshipmen Leadership

  • MIDN 1/C Carman Arnold, Midshipmen Lead Forecaster
  • MIDN 1/C Sarah Chama, Forecasting Shift Leader, Fall 2016
  • MIDN 2/C Rachel Boushon, Forecasting Shift Leader, Fall 2016
  • MIDN 2/C Emily Cecchini, Forecasting Shift Leader, Spring 2017
  • MIDN 2/C Patrick Francis, Forecasting Shift Leader, Spring 2017
  • MIDN 2/C Colin Hackbarth, Forecasting Shift Leader, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Midshipmen Student Forecasters

  • MIDN 1/C Carman Arnold
  • MIDN 1/C Sarah Chama
  • MIDN 2/C Rachel Boushon
  • MIDN 2/C Emily Cecchini
  • MIDN 2/C Casey Densmore
  • MIDN 2/C Patrick Francis
  • MIDN 2/C Colin Hackbarth
  • MIDN 2/C Shae Timmons
  • MIDN 3/C Hope Balser
  • MIDN 3/C George Davis
  • MIDN 3/C Major Henry
  • MIDN 3/C Kristy Lehmer
  • MIDN 3/C Renee Loucks
  • MIDN 3/C Keely Martin
  • MIDN 3/C Shannon McAllister
  • MIDN 3/C Erin Torrez
  • MIDN 3/C Lindsey Wan
  • MIDN 3/C Michael Wegner

USNA Oceanography Department Faculty Support

  • Associate Professor Bradford S. Barrett
  • CDR Micheal Cooper
  • Instructor Alexander R. Davies, USNA Command Weather Forecaster
  • Associate Professor Gina Henderson
  • CAPT Emil Petruncio, Oceanography Department Chair
  • Assistant Professor Joseph P. Smith, Oceanography Club Faculty Rep.
  • LCDR Keith Thompson
  • LCDR Matt Burich

Contact Information

For information about the Naval Academy Weather Team or if you need to request event specific weather support, please contact Meteorologist and USNA Command Weather Forecaster Alexander R. Davies:  For information about the Oceanography Club (ECA), please contact Assistant Professor Joseph P. Smith:

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