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Aerospace Engineering



Typical USNA Aerospace Track and Advising Information

Majors are chosen in March of the student's 4/C (freshmen) year.  Major specific academic advisors help students register for the introductory aerospace courses other and major-specific classes for their 3/C (sophomore) year.  When registering for 2/C (junior) year fall semester classes, students choose between the aero-focused track or the astro-focused track. Later in the fall semester, 2/C Aero-Focused students choose between focusing on fixed wing aircraft or rotary wing aircraft. All aerospace engineering students take the major's required courses, their track specific courses, and electives during their 1/C (senior) year. The diagram below shows the timeline of the major. 

Academic briefs are given to students each semester in regards to what classes they are required to take. The Academic advisors attend these meetings to meet with students who have questions about their course of study. 


Aerospace Engineering Major Over 4 years (2021)



Program of Study 

Aerospace Engineering 4-Year Curriculum Class of 2025

Aerospace Engineering Major Courses

  • EA203: Principles of Aerospace Engineering I 
  • EA204: Principles of Aerospace Engineering II
  • EA208: Engineering Analysis 
  • EM221: Mechanics for Aerospace Engineers
  • EA222: Materials for Aerospace Engineers
  • EA232: Dynamics in Aerospace Engineering
  • EA305: Gas Dynamics
  • EA322: Structural Mechanics for Aerospace Engineers

Astronautics Track

Track Required Courses

  • EA362: Astrodynamics I
  • EA364: Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
  • EA465: Spacecraft Communications and Power
  • EA405: Rocket Propulsion
  • EA461: The Space Environment
  • EA467: Spacecraft Systems Laboratory
  • EA469: Space System Design I

Track Electives

  • EA460: Human Spaceflight
  • EA462: Astrodynamics II
  • EA463: Space Operations
  • EA470: Space System Design II

Aeronautics Track

Track Required Courses

  • EA301: Aerodynamics I
  • EA303: Wind Tunnel (Laboratory)
  • EA304: Aerodynamics II
  • EA401F/R: Aircraft Performance "Fixed or Rotary"
  • EA413F/R: Airplane Stability and Control "Fixed or Rotary"
  • EA429: Flight Propulsion
  • EA439: Aerospace System Preliminary Design

Track Electives

  • EA414: Airplane Simulation and Control
  • EA417: Flight Test Engineering
  • EA427: Aerodynamics III
  • EA428: Computational Aerodynamics
  • EA435: Aerodynamics of V/STOL Aircraft
  • EA440: Aerospace System Design
  • EA450: Drafting and Additive Manufacturing

USNA Core Courses

  • SC111/SC112: Chemistry I & II
  • SP211/SP212: Physics I & II
  • SY110/EC310: Cyber I & II
  • HE111/HE112: Rhetoric and Introduction to Literature I & II
  • SM121/SM122/SM221: Calculus I, II, & III
  • SM212: Differential Equations with Matrices
  • EM319: Engineering Thermodynamics
  • EE331: Electrical Engineering I
  • EW300: Naval Weapons Systems
  • EW410: Introduction to Control Engineering
  • HH104: Naval History
  • FP130: U.S. Government and Constitutional Development 
  • HM/SS:Humanity Electives (2)
  • NL110: Preparing to Lead
  • NE203: Ethics and Moral Reasoning
  • NL310: Leadership: Theory and Applications
  • NL400: Law for the Junior Officer
  • NS101: Fundamental of Seamanship
  • NN210/NN310: Basic Navigation and Advanced Navigation
  • HH215/HH215A/HH215M: Pre-Modern World
  • HH216: The West in the Modern World
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