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Aerospace Engineering

Internships and Clubs

As an Aerospace Engineering student at the Naval Academy, you have the opportunity to participate in summer internships ranging from flying in test squadrons to working on satellite missions.  Internships are offered by both civilian defense contractors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, as well as government agencies, such as NASA, NRO, SPAWAR and NRL.  These internships are generally only available to Aerospace majors.  

Application announcements will be made in February of each year. Assignment is based on a mixture of seniority, major QPR and experience.  Some internships are funded, some provide lodging only, and some are completely unfunded. Summer internships will count for one of your summer training blocks (ie cruise), but can also be taken instead of a leave block if you have a full summer training schedule.  For more information on internships in Aerospace Engineering, contact the department representative.

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