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Bowman Scholars
LA-class attack submarine USS Annapolis


a.   Admiral Frank Bowman Scholar Program Applicants

Research Project Course

The Bowman Scholar Program requirement for the project course is met via a one-semester research course (a XX495 or XX496 course, or honors equivalent) or via appointment as a Trident Scholar.  Midshipman applicants to the Bowman Scholar Program must consult with a prospective faculty adviser in planning their research-based projects and in preparing their applications.

NOTE: Design courses and/or capstone courses may not be substituted for the required research course. Two-semester research courses are encouraged, but not required.

Summer Internship

Midshipman applicants to the Bowman Scholar Program should seek out and consult with faculty members in the academic departments who are knowledgeable about summer internship opportunities. These faculty members may be in the midshipman's academic major department, but an internship coordinator may also be a USNA faculty member associated with another department. (e.g., a faculty member in the USNA Physics Department serves as the liaison and coordinator for internship opportunities at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.)

During the fall semester of 2/c year, a Bowman Scholar Program applicant should identify from available opportunities a USNA-approved internship that might be integrated with other aspects of the program. Information that must be provided for the proposed internship includes, but is not limited to: (1) host name and location; (2) length; (3) description of the internship project; (4) expenses associated with the proposed internship (e.g., travel to/from the location, meals per diem, lodging per diem, etc.); (5) level and type of financial support available from the host institution, laboratory or government office for the internship; and (6) level and type of expenses not covered by the internship host.

During the fall semester, and into the spring semester as necessary, a Bowman Scholar applicant should meet with the faculty member designated in the academic division (for his/her major) as the coordinator of summer internships for the division. This faculty member can provide general guidance for internship information, and may, in turn, advise the program applicant to engage in further internship conversations with additional faculty coordinators.

Each applicant to the Bowman Scholar Program is responsible for the coordination of plans during 1/C summer as it applies to his/her requirements and desires for the training blocks, leave time, an internship, etc.

When the Bowman Scholar Program application is submitted, details of the internship may not be complete. The applicant should address the proposed plan for his/her internship, to the depth and details known at the time. During the review of the application (early in the spring semester), the reviewing committee will contact the applicant to gather more definitive information about the planned internship experience.

Graduate Education

Midshipman applicants to the Bowman Scholar Program must consult with the Graduate Education Program Manager at the Naval Academy, to identify current graduate opportunities at the Naval Postgraduate School (via the Immediate Graduate Education Program, IGEP) and at civilian universities via scholarships for qualified applicants. Each applicant to the Bowman Scholar Program is responsible for his/her own applications to graduate schools and for providing all requisite information to the Graduate Education Committee, via the Graduate Education Program Manager.

Program Application

Instructions and templates for the documents required for a Bowman Scholar Program application will be provided to USNA midshipmen by the Associate Director of Midshipman Research (ADMR).

Initial application to the Bowman Scholar program is accomplished through an electronic application form that may be found on MIDS, in the USNA Programs section. The electronic application registers the applicant’s intention with the Associate Director of Midshipman Research, and provides applicant information to Bowman Scholar Committee members.

A Bowman Scholar Committee, comprised of representatives from the academic divisions, graduate education office and nuclear community will screen all electronic applications. Results of this screening will be forwarded to all applicants. Those that meet initial requirements will be asked to submit a written “white paper” that:

  1. Describes the project that they will undertake in their XX495/496 research course.

  2. Describes the integration of their proposed research, their proposed internship and their graduate education plan of study.

Written portions of applications will be due to the ADMR, by a date (typically in mid-February) that will be announced annually in an Academic Dean and Provost Notice.

b.   Chairs of Academic Departments

As part of the academic department’s endorsement of the applicant and the application, a department chair will affirm that the applicant meets all department requirements to take a XX495/496 research course.

c.   Associate Director of Midshipman Research (ADMR)

The ADMR will serve as the chair of the application reviewing committee, and will serve as the program manager for the Bowman Scholar Program on all administrative and financial issues.

d.   Bowman Scholar Committee

During the application review process, the Bowman Scholar Committee will evaluate each application, considering the specifics of the research proposed for the first-class year project, the specifics of the internship proposed during one of the blocks of 1/C summer, and the proposed graduate education plan of the applicant. In addition, all endorsements and supporting materials of the application will be considered by the committee. Following their review and deliberations, the committee shall provide the Academic Dean and Provost with a ranked list of midshipman applicants recommended for subsequent spring-semester interviews with the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion.

e.   Academic Dean and Provost

During the application review:  The Academic Dean and Provost shall review the Bowman Scholar Program applications and the Bowman Scholar Committee's ranked list of midshipman applicants recommended for the requisite interviews with the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion. The Dean will provide, to the Naval Academy's Submarine Force Officer Representative, a list of midshipmen approved to continue in the Bowman Scholar Program selection process.

At the conclusion of the review process:  Upon acceptance of certain Bowman Scholar Program applicants by the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion, for subsequent nuclear power training, the Academic Dean and Provost will finalize a list of the second-class midshipmen recommended for appointment as Bowman Scholars for the next academic year. This list will be presented to the Naval Academy Superintendent for review and appointment to the Bowman Scholar Program. 

f.   Submarine Force Officer Representative Stationed at the Naval Academy

During the application review:   Using the list of 2/c midshipmen applicants approved by the Academic Dean and Provost, the Submarine Force Officer Representative at the Naval Academy will coordinate scheduling the Bowman Scholar Program applicants for interviews with the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion. Following the completion of all interviews in the spring semester of 2/c year, the Submarine Force Officer Representative shall provide the Academic Dean and Provost, via the ADMR, with an executive summary of the outcomes of the interviews.

After the Superintendent has approved the names of the midshipmen to be appointed as Bowman Scholars, but prior to the formal announcement of the names:  The Submarine Force Officer Representative at the Naval Academy will obtain the formal, written commitments to a service assignment in the submarine or surface (nuclear) community following graduation from the Naval Academy. A signed commitment paper must be obtained - prior to the formal announcement of the names of the Bowman Scholars appointees in a given year-group - from each midshipman selected and approved for appointment as a Bowman Scholar.

g.   U.S. Naval Academy Superintendent  

The Naval Academy Superintendent will review the Academic Dean and Provost's list of recommended nominees for formal designation as Bowman Scholar Program appointees. The Superintendent will appoint that year's Bowman Scholars from among the Dean's nominated group of midshipmen. The formal announcement is anticipated by 1 May each year.

h.   Graduate Education Program Manager 

The Graduate Education Program Manager at the Naval Academy will assist Bowman Scholar Program appointees in identifying current graduate opportunities at the Naval Postgraduate School and will coordinate the selection and application processes.  For qualified appointees, approximately twenty spots are available at Naval Postgraduate School.  

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