Bowman Scholars
LA-class attack submarine USS Annapolis


(1) Application to the Admiral Frank Bowman Scholar Program is open to Naval Academy second-class midshipmen who have attained an overall QPR of 3.2 or better and who are in the top 50 percent by Military Order of Merit (MOM) at the end of the first semester, second-class year. Waiver of the military order of merit requirement may be requested by individuals who have current military performance grades of A or B, have support of their chain-of-command, and show improvement in their MOM.

(2) Applicants must be on schedule to graduate with the applicant’s Academy class.  

(3) Each applicant must be interviewed by the Director, Naval Nuclear Power Program for acceptance into the nuclear power training pipeline and, if accepted, must commit in writing, during the spring semester of second-class year, to a service assignment in the submarine or nuclear surface community following graduation from the Naval Academy.

To remain eligible for competition to and participation in the program, Bowman Scholars will be expected to maintain the same high level of performance during the remainder of their Naval Academy and subsequent graduate education assignments.

Trident Scholar applicants and Voluntary Graduate Education Program (VGEP) applicants are eligible to be appointed as Bowman Scholars. Separate applications are required for each program.

Midshipmen with academic majors in any of the three divisions (Engineering and Weapons, Mathematics and Science, Humanities and Social Sciences) are eligible to apply for appointment as Bowman Scholars, however, it should be noted that all Master's degree programs offered to Bowmans at the Naval Postgraduate School are technical degrees.

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