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Bowman Scholars

Bowman Scholar Program Summary

Each year, a small group of Naval Academy midshipmen second-class (juniors), who are seeking initial service assignments in the nuclear Navy, may be offered the opportunity to compete for appointments as Admiral Frank Bowman Scholars. Prior to selection as a Bowman Scholar, candidates will be interviewed for the Navy's nuclear power training pipeline by the Director, Naval Reactors. If selected for nuclear power training and subsequently selected as a Bowman Scholar, the Scholar will participate in a tailored research internship during one of the summer training blocks preceding first-class year and will participate in a special research-based learning opportunity during their last year as a midshipman. During the first year of commissioned service after graduation from the Academy, Bowman Scholars will likely be offered immediate, one-year graduate education experiences at the Naval Postgraduate School, resulting in a masters degree in a technical discipline. Midshipmen appointed as Bowman Scholars will be awarded (in second-class year) any incentive monetary bonus associated with the Scholar's acceptance into the nuclear power training pipeline.   

Therefore, the Bowman Scholar Program has four components:
research project + summer internship + graduate education + early selection in the Nuclear Navy

Ideally, there will be about twenty to twenty-five Bowman Scholar appointments per year, however, the actual number of appointees for a given academic year will be dependent upon the number of applicants among the second-class midshipmen, the quality of the applications and the available funding resources. More information about the Bowman Scholar Program can be found in AcDean Instruction 1531.69.

Article about the Bowman Scholar Program at NPS

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