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FAQs for Remote Work

Access to USNA Enterprise Software


Can I install Mathworks MatLab, Wolfram Mathematica or Stata SE on my Home computer?

Yes, Mathworks MatLab, Wolfram Mathematica & Stata SE are licensed to install on personally-owned home computers. 


Download & Install Applications

How do I access the Mathworks MatLab Cloud Portal for USNA?

After establishing a Mathworks account, the cloud portal may be accessed by connecting to this non-USNA site.

Are there other Mathworks MatLab Resources?

Our USNA user community has access to the following resources which can be utilized in online learning environments.

Online Resources to Help Students Learn and Use MATLAB:

  • MATLAB Online: No Downloads or Installations. Students can use MATLAB from their web browser as a quick and easy way to get started.

  • MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite (MAOTS – see PDF): Online Training Courses for new and existing users. Courses includeinteractive MATLAB exercisesforfastand relevant learning. Quizzes test your knowledge and provide immediate feedback.

Resources for Faculty to Integrate MATLAB in Online Classrooms:

  • Interactive Notebooks – Live Editor: Live Editor allows you to accelerate exploratory programming, create an interactive narrative, and teach with live scripts.

  • Automatically Grade MATLAB Code – MATLAB Grader: Create interactive MATLAB course problems for students. Automatically grade student work and provide feedback. Run your problems in any learning environment. 

How do I create a Wolfram User Account?

To create a Wolfram User Account, visit and "create a WolframID" using your email address.  Then, check your email to validate this.

How do I access Wolfram Mathematica Online?

To access Mathematica|Online, first-time users need to visit this link to request a log-in: 
Users will then need to check their email to validate this request.

How do I compute with Mathematica Online?

To compute with Mathematica|Online, there are two options:

1)  Go to any browser and log-in at
2)  Download the free Wolfram Cloud app from your app store for computing with Mathematica|Online on a mobile device.

What if I receive a Stata SE error message stating the number of download attempts have been exceeded?

Please submit a Web Help Desk ticket or send email to The posted home use credentials are limited to 50 downloads. Additional downloads are available on request to USNA ITSD.


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