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FAQs for Remote Work

How to Access USNA Resources Remotely

Conducting business from a remote location requires different levels of access.  These levels range from Level I, resources that are available from an outside network such as the USNA public website and Gmail to Level III, access to resources that require a USNA IP address. 

Instructions for accomplishing the different levels of access are provided below. If you require a level of access not listed here, or have a question please submit a Web Help Desk Ticket

(Click Here for instructions to submit a help ticket).


Do not use VPN / VDI.


Faculty / Staff - VPN Required
Midshipmen - VPN Authorised 


Level I - USNA resources available from off-site

Access to USNA systems such as GSuite (including Gmail, Google Hangouts Meet and Google Classroom) Blackboard, MIDS, the Password Portal and Panapto.  This level of access is available from networks external to USNA such as your home WiFi. A list of these applications is provided at this USNA public webpagePLEASE DO NOT use the VPN/VDI to access these publicly available applications. It is not required, and doing so detrimentally affects use of limited VPN/VDI resources for other users.


Level II - Access to USNA Intranet (Internal-only) websites

Access to USNA Intranet websites that are not available using Level I access. This includes the USNA internal Department websites, BusinessObjects/WebIntelligence, Library resources, and the IT Web Helpdesk application. 

For Faculty:

Getting to these sites requires authorized VPN users to login to the USNA SSL VPN website at  See these instructions.  

Please note:  During the COVID-19 work-at-home period, the need for signing a Remote User Agreement (RUA ) is waived. If you plan to telework after the crisis is over, you will be required to submit the RUA. Users are responsible to comply with the RUA despite not signing the document.  See details here.

For Midshipmen:

Cisco VPN Authorized 


Level III - Access to resources that require USNA IP Address (Telnet, SSH)

Direct access to USNA internal resources including software that requires a USNA IP address is accomplished for authorized VPN users by downloading and connecting to the AnyConnect Client. Click Here for instructions. 

Please note:  Midshipmen who need Level II or Level III access from outside USNA should utilize the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). See instructions here. Midshipmen who require Level II or Level III VPN access to meet course requirements will be contacted by their instructors. 

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