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Baptismal Requests

Baptism is a rite within the Christian tradition that is approached in many different ways, but the connection with water is not lost on our nautical community.  The pedestal for the font in St. Andrews Chapel comes from our oldest commissioned ship in the Navy, the USS CONSTITUTION.  To say that it is unlike any other baptismal font anywhere is a tremendous understatement.

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In the Christian faith traditions, baptism is a very important milestone, and, as such, the chaplains at the Naval Academy treat it with every dignity and respect that it is due.  Independent of an individual's faith preference we will make every effort to accommodate your request, but we also need your help.

First: Authorization

We need to determine if you are an authorized patron.  Because of the sheer volume of requests at the Naval Academy we are more limiting than other military installations out of necessity.  An authorized patron at the Naval academy will be at least one of the below:

  1.  Child (not grandchild) of USNA Alumni.

  2. Child of an Active Duty Military Member assigned to USNA or NSAA.

  3. Child of Active Duty military regularly attending Mass at USNA Chapel.

  4. A midshipman currently attending the Naval Academy.

Second: Faith/Religious Preference

We need to determine the faith / religious preference under which you wish to be baptized or have your child baptized.  Each faith community has specific requirements that must be adhered to for baptism.  One of these requirements, independent of faith community, is pre-baptismal counseling either for the person to be baptized, their parents or both.  Currently, the Naval Academy offers the possibility for baptism in the following worshipping communities:

  1. Catholic - infant or adult baptism
  2. Protestant - infant baptism or adult baptism

Catholic infant or adult baptisms will be conducted in the Main Chapel. Normally, services are held on the 4th Sunday at 1230 of each month unless these dates conflict with holidays.

Protestant infant or adult baptisms are typically conducted in the Main Chapel. Normally, the services are conducted on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Services will be conducted at 1215 following the service.

Third: Schedule Process

To begin the scheduling process for your baptism request, please contact the coordinator for Catholic Baptisms or Protestant Baptisms. The Religious Program Specialist (RPs) will assist you in providing the appropriate information sheet for you to fill out, and connecting you with the presiding chaplain to begin pre-baptismal counseling requirements.  Please let the RPs know your faith preference, your eligibility status as an authorized patron, and an approximate date for the requested baptism. They will then send you the required information sheets; no baptisms will be considered scheduled until receipt of All required paperwork.

For scheduling and pre-baptismal counseling purposes, paperwork must be received no less than 60 days in advance of your requested date.  This allows us the most flexibility to meet your desired date.

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