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Cyber Science Department

Capstone Program

The current USNA SCY Department Capstone Instruction can be found here

Note that the instruction is revised each summer and ensure you are using the latest version: CYBERSCIDEPTINST 1219.1D



All Midshipmen in the SCY major are required to complete a Capstone Project as part of SY401/402 in their First Class Year. Details are below:


Faculty and organization suggestions may be submitted using our handy Google form


 Trying to formulate a Capstone Idea? Read about DARPA's Heilmeier Catechism


Capstone Timeline & Expectations


Date Due



Overview of Capstone Program for 2/c Essential Cybersecurity Science Author Presentation

February (usually presented in class for SY310/312)

Complete on 03 FEB 2023 for the Class of 2024. Project Ideas are due by 01 APR 2023 and is 5% of SY310/312 grade


Faculty Capstone Project Briefing


Updated to SCY Faculty each month 

MIDN Capstone Project Selection

Due 01 APR of 2/c Year

SCY '24 - due 01 APR 2023

MIDN Capstone Project Approval

01 MAY of 2/c (Before departing for Summer Training)


Complete for SCY '24 

MIDN Summer Reading

1/c Summer


MIDN Capstone Project Lit Review 

AY24: See SY401 Course Schedule 

Fall 2023 Due @ 6 Weeks


MIDN Capstone Project Poster (Draft) 

AY24: See SY401 Course Schedule 

Fall 2023

Due @ 12 weeks

MIDN Capstone Project DRAFT Paper

AY24: See SY401/402 Course Schedule 

Fall 2023

Due @ 16 Weeks

MIDN Capstone Project Final Presentation/Due Date 

SY402 – Spring Semester

All Materials for the SCY'24 Class are due TBD

SY402 (Spring Semester). 3-5 Projects will be selected for morning presentation on Capstone Day

All posters/papers/projects will be graded by the Capstone Committee in April 2024 

Files and related materials will be archived for the Class of 2024 as in the past (see links for examples). 





M&S Division Poster Session / Capstone Day

May 2024 (Last Day of Classes) 

Details Presented in SY402 - to be scheduled by department 


Getting Started with your Literature Review: 

 Essential Cybersecurity Science: Build, Test, and Evaluate Secure Systems - available via Nimitz Library's digital subscription.

 Do not wait until the last minute to begin reading. This material is important and will set you up for success when you begin the Capstone Project.



 **Cyber Department Capstone Coordinator:  Dennis Dias, ONR Chair, (443) 418-8220,

CAPSTONE Committee: Dr Casey, CDR Croteau, CAPT Doherty, CDR Stutts, Profesor Dias, Dr Maasberg 

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