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Economics Department
Midshipmen in a classroom

Quantitative Economics Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed to give outstanding students in the FQE major the opportunity to complete an in-depth research project working with a faculty mentor.

If you are interested in the Honors Program at the Naval Academy, please download and read the documents below for the requirements and other information pertaining to the program.  If you would like to apply to enter the program, please print out the application and return it to Professor Zorrilla.

The Honors Program is not intended to simply recognize past achievement in Economics courses or high CQPRs, rather it is designed to challenge interested midshipmen in their pursuit of knowledge through the combination of independent research and faculty mentoring.  Past honors research topics have included: economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, housing finance and mortgage default models, price competition in the gas station market, midshipmen's Career Starter Loans, and the effect of Uber on DUI rates.

How does an interested midshipman enter the Honors Program?

Midshipmen interested in participating in the Honors Program are usually advised to officially enter the program during their 2/C year.  In accordance with ACDEANINST 5420.4D, midshipmen entering the Quantitative Economics Honors Program must meet the following criteria: CQPR of 3.0; CQPR in economics courses of 3.4; and CQPR in professional/technical courses of 2.7. 

Interested midshipmen can discuss the Honors Program at any time with their academic advisor or Department Honors Advisor.

What are the benefits of participating in the Honors Program?

Participating in the Honors program gives midshipmen the chance to work with a faculty mentor on a research project of their choice.  This opportunity allows in-depth research, outside of the traditional classroom structure.  At the end of the project midshipmen present their research findings to the faculty.  These experiences can be very valuable in the scholarly and professional development of participating midshipmen. 

For midshipmen successfully completing the Honors Program, diplomas will also reflect this achievement.

Honors Application

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