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Economics Department
Pile of Open Books


USNA Economics faculty members perform original research in a range of fields and have published in many top general interest and field journals. Recent scholarship has been published in well-regarded journals such as:

  • Economic Inquiry
  • Economics of Education Review
  • Economic Theory
  • European Economic Review
  • Experimental Economics
  • International Economic Review
  • Journal of Applied Econometrics
  • Journal of Development Economics
  • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
  • Journal of Economic Growth
  • Journal of Economic History
  • Journal of Economic Theory
  • Journal  of Human Resources
  • Journal of International Economics
  • Journal of Labor Economics
  • Journal of Law and Economics
  • Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
  • Journal of Urban Economics
  • Scandinavian Journal of Economics
  • Southern Economic Journal

Below is a chronological listing of faculty publications in recent years. For additional publications, see our  working paper archive as well as the websites of  individual faculty members.


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Forthcoming and 2023 publications:

GLASER, Darrell, "Between the Dockyard and the Deep Blue Sea—Skilled Human Capital and Officer Retention in the Royal Navy." Labour Economics 84, 2023. (w. A.S. Rahman)

HARRISON, James, "Exploring 200 Years of U.S. Commodity Market Integration: A Structural Time Series Model Approach." Explorations in Economic History, 88(1), 2023.

KAMBHAMPATI, Ashwin, KAPLAN, Scott, "Pay Equality Among Heterogeneous Agents." Economics Letters, 229, 2023. (w. R. Hoffman)

KAMBHAMPATI, Ashwin, "Randomization is Optimal in the Robust Principal-Agent Problem." Journal of Economic Theory, 207, 2023.

KAPLAN, Scott, "Estimating worldwide benefits from improved bananas resistant to Fusarium Wilt Tropical race 4." Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2(1), 2023, 20-34. (w. F. de Figueiredo Silva, F. Tobar, R. Martinez, and D. Zilberman)

KAPLAN, Scott, "Evaluation of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax in Oakland, United States, 2015–2019: A quasi-experimental and cost-effectiveness study." PLoS Medicine, 20(4), 2023. (w. J. White, S. Basu, K. Madsen, S. Villas-Boas, and D. Schillinger)

KAPLAN, Scott, "Leveling the Playing Field: The Distributional Impact of Maximum- and Minimum-level Contracts on Player Compensation," forthcoming, Contemporary Economic Policy.

RIM, Nayoung, "The Black-White Recognition Gap in Award Nominations," forthcoming,  Journal of Labor Economics. (w. R. Rivera, A. Kiss, and B. Ba)

ROTHERT, Jacek, "Non-Traded Goods, Factor Markets Frictions, and International Capital Flows."  Review of Economic Dynamics, 48, 2023, 158-177. (w. J. Short)

ROTHERT, Jacek, BRADY, Ryan, INSLER, Michael, "Local Containment Policies and Countrywide Spread of COVID-19 in the United States: An Epidemiologic Analysis," forthcoming, Regional Studies.

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GLASER, Darrell, INSLER, Michael, "The Deleterious Effects of Fatigue on Final Exam Performance."  Economics of Education Review, 90, 2022.

KAMBHAMPATI, Ashwin, "The Optimal Assortativity of Teams Inside the Firm." RAND Journal of Economics, 53(3), 2022, 484-515. (w. C. Segura-Rodriguez)

KAPLAN, Scott, "Putting a Price on Popularity: Evidence from Superstars in the National Basketball Association." Economic Inquiry, 60(3), 2022, 1357-1381.

ROTHERT, Jacek, "Optimal Federal Transfers During Uncoordinated Response to a Pandemic."  Journal of Public Economic Theory, 24(5), 2022, 1124-1153.

SMITH, Katherine, “ Minding the Gap: Academic Outcomes from Pre-college Programs.”  Education Economics , 30(1), 2022, 3-28. (w. P. Kotlikoff and A.S. Rahman)

UTGOFF, Naomi, "Informational Hold Up and Intermediaries."  Games, 13(5), 2022, 63. 

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KAMBHAMPATI, Ashwin, "Robust Performance Evaluation," In  Proceedings of the 22nd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC ’21), 2021.

KAPLAN, Scott, "T he impact of policy timing on the spread of COVID-19," Infectious Disease Modeling, 6, 2021, 942-54. (w. M. Elitzur, Z. Ivezic, and D. Zilberman)

RIM, Nayoung, “The Effect of Title IX on Gender Disparity in Graduate Education,” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 40(2), 2021, 521-552.

ROTHERT, Jacek, "Optimal teleworking agreements vs. yearning for normality when vaccine is on the horizon." Economics Bulletin, 41(3), 2021, 2106-2115.

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Strategic Inefficiencies and Federal Redistribution during Uncoordinated Response to Pandemic Waves."  European Journal of Political Economy, 69, 2021.

SWOPE, Kurtis, "Sharing, Gift-Giving, and Optimal Resource Use in Hunter-Gatherer Society,"  Economics of Governance, 22(2), 2021, 119-138. (w. M. Baker)

SWOPE, Kurtis, “Waste Flow, Recycling, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study of the Comparative Environmental Impact of Recycling Approaches on a College Campus.”  Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management, 47(3), 2021, 446-455. (with P. Caton, H. Ernst, K. Flack, and J. Smith)

THIERFELDER, Karen, "Peasant Farmers and Pandemics: The Role of Seasonality and Labor-leisure Trade-off Decisions in Economy-wide Models."  Economic Systems Research, 2021. (w. A. Feuerbacher and S. McDonald)

THIERFELDER, Karen, “Traders’ Dilemma: Developing Countries’ Response to Trade Wars.”  World Economy, 44(4), 2021, 856-878 . (w. S. Devarajan, D. Go, C. Lakatos, and S. Robinson)

THIERFELDER, Karen, “Before and After NAFTA: How Are Trade and Migration Policy Options Changing?” in, The Trump Paradox: Migration, Trade, and Racial Politics in US-Mexico Integration. Eds. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda and Edward Telles. University of California Press, 2021. (w. R. Hinojosa-Ojeda Raúl and S. Robinson)

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BRADY, Ryan, INSLER, Michael, ROTHERT, Jacek, “The Fragmented United States of America: The Impact of Scattered Lock-down Policies on Country-wide Infections,”  Covid Economics, Vol. 43, 2020, 42-94.

RIM, Nayoung, “Disparities in Police Award Nominations: Evidence from Chicago,”  AEA Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 110, 2020, 447-451. (w. B. Ba and R. Rivera)

RIM, Nayoung, “The Disparate Impact of Up-or-Out Promotion Policy on Fertility Timing,”  American Law and Economics Review, 22(1), 2020, 127-172. (w. K. Park)

ROTHERT, Jacek, “International Business Cycles in Emerging Markets,”  International Economic Review, 61(2), 2020, 753-781.

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Socioeconomic factors and happiness: evidence from self-reported mental health data,”  Empirical Economics, Vol. 58, 2020, 3101-3123. (w. D. VanDerwerken and E. White)

UTGOFF, Naomi, “Implementation of assortative matching under incomplete information.”  Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 188, 2020, 105054.

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BRADY, Ryan, INSLER, Michael, "Order of play advantage in sequential tournaments: Evidence from randomized settings in professional golf," Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Vol. 79, 2019, 79-92.

INSLER, Michael, MCQUOID, Alex, "From Broken Windows to Broken Bonds: Militarized Police and Social Fragmentation," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 163, 2019, 43-62.

INSLER, Michael, KARAM, Jimmy, "Do Sports Crowd Out Books? The Impact of Intercollegiate Athletic Participation on Grades,"  Journal of Sports Economics, 20(1), 2019,115-153.

MCQUOID, Alexander, " Fiscal Federalism, Fiscal Reform, and Economic Growth in China,"  China Economic Review, Vol. 53, 2019, 152-167. (w. Y. Ding and C. Karayalcin)

MCQUOID, Alexander, "Markup Premia of Exporters: Because of Exporting, or in Spite of it?", Macroeconomic Dynamics, 23(7), 2019, 2959-3009. (w. L. Rubini)

SCHMITT, Pamela, SWOPE, Kurtis, "The Demand for 'Fair' Outcomes: An Experimental Study of Payoff Maximization, Social Efficiency, Fairness, Gender and Personality Type",  Archives of Psychology,   3(1), 2019. (w. J. Cadigan)

SMITH, Katherine, "What can Islamic financing tell us about macroprudential policies?", Applied Economic Letters, Vol. 26, 2019, 27-31.

THIERFELDER, Karen. “Global adjustment to disengagement of the United States from the world trading system,”  Journal of Policy Modelling, 141(3), 2019, 522-536. (w. S. Robinson)

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ENGEL, Rozlyn,  “Risk Preferences in Future Military Leaders,”  Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 2(2), 2018, 11-24. (w. P. Bell, D. Hudson, J. Jamison, and W. Skimmyhorn)

INSLER, Michael, "The Body Mass Index Assimilation of US Immigrants: Do Diet and Exercise Contribute?",  Eastern Economic Journal, 44(3), 2018, 337-363.   (w. Sukanya Basu)

MCQUOID, Alexander, "Trigger Warning: The Causal Impact of Gun Ownership on Suicide",  Applied Economics, 50(53), 2018, 5747-5765. (w. C. Moore, S. Sawyer, and D. Vitt)

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Does the threat of suspension curb dangerous behavior in soccer? A case study from the Premier League,”  Journal of Sports Economics, 19(6), 2018, 759-785.  (w. B. Nguelifack and D. VanDerwerken)

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Redistributive fiscal policies and business cycles in emerging economies”, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 112, 2018, 123-133 (w. A. Michaud)

THIERFELDER, Karen, "NAFTA collapse, trade war and North American disengagement,"  Journal of Policy Modeling, Vol. 40, 2018, 614-635. (w. S. Robinson)

THIERFELDER, Karen, "Assessing the Global Poverty Effects of Antimicrobial Resistance," World Development, Vol. 111, 2018, 148-160. (w. S. Ahmed, E. Baris, D. Go, H. Lofgren, and I. Osorio-Rodarte) 

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BRADY, Ryan, INSLER, Michael, RAHMAN, Ahmed, "Bad Company: Understanding Negative Peer Effects in College Achievement", European Economic Review, Vol. 98, 2017, 144-168.

INSLER, Michael, "Education Outcomes of Children of Asian Intermarriages: Does Gender of the Immigrant Parent Matter?", B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 17(1), 2017.  (w. S. Basu)

MCQUOID, Alexander, "Capacity Constrained Exporters: Identifying Increasing Marginal Cost," Economic Inquiry, 55(3), 2017. (w. J. Ahn)

RAHMAN, Ahmed, “A Simple Theory on the Effects of Industrialization,”  Macroeconomic Dynamics, 21(1), 2017, 106-129.

SWOPE, Kurtis, "Amping-Up Pedagogy through Interdisciplinary Instruction: A Study of the Effects of Interdisciplinary Instruction on Undergraduate Attitudes and Values Related to Energy Issues at the U.S. Naval Academy,"  Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, 6(1), 2017.   (with P. Caton, H. Ernst, K. Flack, and J. Smith)

SCHMITT, Pamela, SWOPE, Kurtis, “Endowment Effects and Contribution Strategies in Public Good Experiments”, Archives of Psychology, 1(1), 2017, 1-17. (with J. Cadigan and J. Weis )

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GLASER, Darrell, and RAHMAN, Ahmed, " Ex Tridenti Mercatus? Sea-power and maritime Trade in the Age of Globalization," Journal of International Economics, Vol. 100, 2016, 95-111.

INSLER, Michael, and SWOPE, Kurtis, "School Quality, Residential Choice, and the U.S. Housing Bubble,"  Housing Policy Debate, 26(1), 2016, 53-79.

INSLER, Michael, SCHMITT, Pamela, “The Investment Decisions of Young Adults Under Relaxed Borrowing Constraints,”  Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Vol. 64, 2016, 106-121. (w. James Compton (USNA 2012))

ROTHERT, Jacek, “On the Savings Wedge in International Capital Flows,”  Economics Letters, Vol. 145, Aug. 2016, pp. 126-129.

THIERFELDER, Karen, "Natural Resource Revenue, Spending Strategies, and Economic Growth in Niger,"  Economic Modelling, Vol. 52, 2016, 564-573. (w. D. Go and S. Robinson)

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RAHMAN, Ahmed, SMITH, Katherine, "Does Nation Building Spur Economic Growth?" Economic Inquiry, Vol. 53, 660-680, January 2015. (w. Ellen Creasey (USNA 2010))

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Monitoring, Moral Hazard, and Turnover,” Economic Theory, 58(2), 2015, 355-374.

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BRADY, Ryan R., "The Spatial Diffusion of Regional Housing Prices across U.S. States," Regional Science and Urban Economics, 46, 2014, 150-166.

CUNNINGHAM, Brendan M., "An Economic Analysis of Earth Orbit Pollution," Environmental and Resource Economics, January 2014, 1-18. (w. N. Adilov and P. Alexander)

GLASER, Darrell J. and RAHMAN, Ahmed S., “Engineering and Labor Specialization During the Industrial Revolution," Cliometrica, Vol. 8, 2014, 173-200.

INSLER, Michael, "The Health Consequences of Retirement,"  Journal of Human Resources, 49(1), 2014.

MILLER, Melinda, Review of “The Entwined Histories of Money and Race in America” by Michael O’Malley,  Journal of Economic History, Vol. 73, 2014,  885-887.

ROTHERT, Jacek, “Optimal Borrowing Constraints and Growth in a Small Open Economy”, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 94(2), Nov. 2014, 326-340. (w. A. Michaud)

SMITH, Katherine, “Financial Globalization, Financial Crises, and the External Portfolio Structure of Emerging Markets,”  Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol. 116(1), Jan . 2014, 20-57. (w. E. Mendoza)

SWOPE, Kurtis, and SCHMITT, Pamela, "That's My Final Offer: A Laboratory Study of Unanimous-Consent Bargaining with Asymmetry and Credible Commitment," Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 49, April 2014, 44-53. (w. J. Cadigan)

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BRADY, Ryan R., " Debt Contagion in Europe: A Panel-Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis,"  Social Sciences,  2(4), 2013, 318–340. (w. F. Bouvet and S. King)

BRADY, Ryan R., “Financial Frictions and Monetary Transmission Strength: A Cross-Country Analysis,”  Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 32, 2013. (w. U. Aysun and A. Honig) 

GLASER, Darrell J., SMITH, Katherine A., and RAHMAN, Ahmed S., “Product Differentiation and Consumer Surplus in the Micro-finance Industry,”  B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 13, 2013, 991-1022. (w. Daniel Chan (USNA 2011))

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SCHMITT, Pamela M. "Cooperation Limitations Under a One-Time Threat of Expulsion and Punishment,"  Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol. 44, June 2013, 68-74. (w. A. Lowen)

SWOPE, Kurtis J. and SCHMITT, Pamela M., “Institutions and Information in Multilateral Bargaining Experiments,”  B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, June 2013, 14(1), 485-524. (w. R. Shupp and J. Cadigan)

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CUNNINGHAM, Brendan M., “Smaller Pie, Larger Slice: How Bargaining Power Affects the Decision to Bundle,”  B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2012. (w. P.J. Alexander and N. Adilov)

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THIERFELDER, Karen E., "Tax Policy to Reduce Carbon Emissions in a Distorted Economy: Illustrations from a South Africa CGE Model," B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2011. (w. S. Devarajan, D. Go, and S. Robinson)

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BRADY, Ryan R, and GREENFIELD, Victoria A., “Competing Explanations of U.S. Defense Industry Consolidation in the 1990s and Their Policy Implications,”  Contemporary Economic Policy, 28(2), 2010, 288-306.

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