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Economics Department
Kotlikoff Trident

Faculty Service

The faculty provides service to the Academy and to our economic majors in a variety of ways.  Faculty have planned and led Midshipmen on summer trips to India (twice) and Belgium.  During spring break, faculty have led Midshipmen on week long expeditions to China.  Midshipmen visit both economic and military institutions (such as NATO) of importance in addition to cultural points of interest.

Locally, faculty also regularly lead Midshipmen on day-visits to the World Bank, the IMF, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond branch office in Baltimore. A notable visit to the Federal Reserve Board included a chance to meet and speak with Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Dr. Donald Kohn.  Faculty also regularly lead economics majors in participating in the Federal Reserve’s “Fed Cup” challenge, held annually at the Baltimore branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.  Faculty-led Midshipmen travel also includes an annual trip to New York City to visit the New York Stock Exchange, the offices of J.P. Morgan, the offices of HSBC, and the Mercantile Exchange.  

The faculty also provides service to the Academy in other ways, too. For many years, Professor Rae Jean Goodman served as the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Professor Pamela Schmitt serves as the Director of Academic Advising. In addition, department faculty administrate the Economics Honors Program and help advise our majors’ chapter of the ODE economics honors society.  In addition to academic service, our military faculty regularly provide mentorship and other aspects of professional development to Midshipmen. 

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