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Engineering and Weapons Division


Departments and Majors

The Division consists of five Departments led by a complement of both military and civilian faculty dedicated to providing graduating midshipmen with a wealth of knowledge and acute problem solving skills. Midshipmen in the Engineering and Weapons Division can pursue ten different engineering majors.

EW Majors Matrix

Department of Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering Department provides both aeronautics and astronautics program tracks. The department offers one of the most exciting and challenging academic programs at the Naval Academy. The program is structured to produce naval officers who will meet the challenges of serving in such areas as naval aviation, space, and research. Their mission is to provide the Navy and Marine Corps with engineering graduates capable of growing to fill engineering, management and leadership roles in the Navy, government, and industry, maturing their fascination with Air and Space systems. Phone: 410-293-6400. Web: Aerospace Engineering Department.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Midshipmen receive a broad education in electrical and computer engineering subjects and principles that enhance their ability to understand, design, and operate naval systems. The department's outstanding faculty, curriculum, and supporting facilities enable the department to achieve teaching and research excellence. Phone: 410-293-6150. Web: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers accredited degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and General Engineering.  The Mechanical Engineering program supports the Academy’s mission by providing midshipmen with a broad education in mechanical engineering subjects and a knowledge of fundamental engineering principles that enhance their ability to understand and design naval systems and to supervise the operation of these systems. The Mechanical Engineering Department strives to maintain faculty, curriculum and supporting facilities which facilitate excellence in undergraduate teaching. Phone: 410-293-6500. Web: Mechanical Engineering Department.

Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The department offers accredited degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, as well as Ocean Engineering - both dynamic interdisciplinary fields involving the application of engineering principles to the ocean environment. Building on a foundation of basic engineering topics such as fluid mechanics and material science, the naval architecture student learns modern techniques of marine vehicle performance and design analysis. Tomorrow’s Navy must operate on, below, and just above the surface of the sea utilizing a variety of ships, submarines, deep submergence vehicles and diving equipment while performing a multitude of missions in defense, research, exploration and exploitation of earth’s last frontier - its oceans. To develop naval officers capable of performing effectively in this complex environment is the goal of the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department. Phone: 410-293-6420. Web: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department.

Department of Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering 

The Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering Department prepares students to integrate mechanical, electrical and computer systems in an effort to automate different processes. Some of our main applications include Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles, Computer Vision, Guidance Systems and Sensor Technology. Every year about 120 students select Systems Engineering as their major, making it one of the most popular selections at the US Naval Academy. Phone: 410-293-2215. Web: Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering Department.

Approximately one-third of the midshipman in each class will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

The Division of Engineering and Weapons is engaged both nationally and with the local community to inspire young men and women in middle and high school to think about careers as engineers and scientists. More information can be found at our STEM website.

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