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Engineering and Weapons Division

Program Overview

Research    Capstone


Faculty Research

The Division of Engineering and Weapons faculty is an integrated group of approximately equal numbers of highly dedicated and motivated military officers and civilians.  All of the civilian faculty have earned doctorate degrees.  The professional scholarship and teaching experience of the civilian faculty, combined with the operational experience of the officers, provides a faculty uniquely qualified to educate and motivate midshipmen for a career in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

A majority of faculty pursue research interests and extend those interests to midshipmen.  Faculty, staff, and senior midshipmen work together to complete projects and publish conference papers, journal articles, etc.  State of the art facilities and equipment help make these endeavors possible.  Faculty also receive grants from private and government institutions such as the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and the National Security Agency.

Although the United States Naval Academy is an undergraduate institution, the research completed in its name is quite extensive.

Student Research

Midshipmen in the Division of Engineering and Weapons have the opportunity to conduct research projects that can lead to professional publication.  See the Midshipmen Research website for more information.

Select students compete to become Trident Scholars and present their research at a formal conference held at the Naval Academy.  The Bowman Scholar Program allows a small group of midshipmen who are seeking service assignment to the nuclear Navy to participate in a summer research internship and academic year research-based learning.  Further, Bowman Scholars are likely to be offered a one-year graduate education experience at the Naval Postgraduate School immediately upon undergraduate graduation and commissioning.

Research Within Departments

Faculty and midshipmen within every department of the Division of Engineering and Weapons pursue research and provide updates on their associated sites:

Aerospace Engineering Research

Electrical & Computer Engineering Research

Mechanical Engineering Research

Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Research

Weapons & Systems Engineering Research


A Capstone Senior Design course is required for all engineering majors.  The capstone project, as the name suggests, is the culminating event in a student’s undergraduate educational experience.  Midshipmen define the scope of an open-ended problem, use the tools they’ve learned in previous courses to analyze the problem, evaluate alternatives, learn to manage a long-term project, and work as a team with their fellow students.  The inclusion of a capstone experience is mandated by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and is undertaken by all accredited engineering departments in the United States of America.

The capstone program within the Division of Engineering and Weapons is supported by the following committee:

Position Name Rank Duties
Committee Chair Drayton, Scott CDR, USN Oversight & Direction
Operations Director King, Jeff CDR, USN Schedules & Room Assignments
Capstone Day Coordinator Farrell, David LCDR, USN Capstone Day Planning & Preparation
Multimedia Manager Rogers, Joshua LT, USN Sign & Graphic Development
Webmaster Laun, Alexander LT, USN Website Management
Working Party Director Martin, Michael LT, USN Working Party Organization & Guidance
Department Representatives Name Rank
Aerospace Engineering King, Jeff CDR, USN
Davids, Scott Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering Nelson, Charles Assistant Professor
Rogers, Joshua LT, USN
Mechanical Engineering Milden, Kyle LT, USN
Martin, Michael LT, USN
Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Falls, Jaye Assistant Professor
Mayer, Robert Professor
Weapons & Systems Engineering Tinjum, Jenny CDR, USN
Sewell, Eli LCDR, USN
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