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The USNA STEM Center is focused on addressing an urgent national need for more young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. USNA faculty and midshipmen provide STEM outreach to local and national communities to engage and influence students and teachers.

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Image for STEM Educator Training Fall 2016
STEM Educator Training Fall 2016
The teachers became students for the day at the Fall SET Sail STEM Educator Training, held at USNA on Saturday, September 24, 2016. The day-long workshop, held at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, was attended... Read more
Image for "Engineering to Explore the Ocean" Educator Training in Baltimore
"Engineering to Explore the Ocean" Educator Training in Baltimore
It’s the season for ocean exploration and ROV construction! On September 20 and 21, STEM Center faculty traveled to Parkville High School in Parkville, MD, Baltimore County, to teach 19 teachers from Baltimore City,... Read more
Image for SeaPerch/NOAA Educator Training in Talbot County
SeaPerch/NOAA Educator Training in Talbot County
STEM Center staff facilitated a 2-day USNA-NOAA Engineering to Explore the Ocean workshop in Easton, MD in Talbot County, on September 15 and 16. Eight teachers attended from nearby schools.  Using... Read more
Image for San Diego Fleet Week
San Diego Fleet Week
USNA STEM faculty member, Prof Mark Murray, along with five midshipmen, Dante Daniels, Andrew Lee, Jordan Richardson, Kristen Skerry and Svetla Walsh, traveled to San Diego’s Fleet Week celebration to participate in a two-day... Read more
Image for Summer 2016 Newsletter
Summer 2016 Newsletter
Read the Summer 2016 Newsletter to find out what's new at the USNA STEM Center. Summer 2016 NewsletterRead more
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