Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Mission of the STEM Center

  • The mission of the STEM Center is to address the urgent Navy and national need for more young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.
  • The Center acts as a resource available within USNA to help introduce midshipmen to the rewarding aspects of existing STEM majors at USNA, and to encourage retention of STEM majors by engaging them in their own studies, often through project-based learning as well as in educational outreach to others.
  • STEM outreach is provided by the Center to others, including local and national communities, to better engage students and teachers in exciting engineering and science studies.
  • The STEM Center provides programs that prepare midshipmen participants for various intellectual challenges by creating opportunities for them to learn STEM theory and application, as well as by reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom.
  • The STEM Center offers midshipmen a chance to lead in the classroom; involvement in Center programs includes learning how to design, set up, and execute experiments, field challenging questions, and develop an understanding of the underlying theory, all of which strengthens creative problem solving skills and the ability to respond to unanticipated situations.
  • The STEM Center supports all programs that contribute to the knowledge, study, and research of STEM education at the Naval Academy.
Mission Statement

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