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Publications & Presentations

USNA faculty members involved in STEM outreach contribute to the broader STEM education community through publications and presentations. Below is a list of publications and conference presentations based on STEM outreach scholarship developed at USNA.

da Rosa J.A., S.S. Durkin, R. Hetyln, A.L. Moran, P. Keener, S. Haynes, M. Ryan, 2015: "Engineering to Explore the Ocean: A cooperative educators professional development workshop by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the United States Naval Academy." The Earth Scientist, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 9-15.

da Rosa, J.A., S.S. Durkin, R. Hetlyn, M. Murray, and A.L. Moran, 2015: "Midshipmen-Facilitated Informal STEM Education." Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal, Volume 7, Number 2, Pages 31-40.

Barrett, B. S., A. L. Moran, and J. E. Woods, 2014: "Meteorology meets engineering: an interdisciplinary module for middle- and early secondary-school students." International Journal of STEM Education, Volume 1, Number 6.

Mutch, B., S. Durkin and P. Moran, "USNA Electrochemistry/Corrosion STEM Efforts." Annual Technical Corrosion Collaboration Review Meeting for the Office of the Secretary of Defense Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office, University of Akron, Aug 2014.

Rice, J., S. Durkin, B. Mutch, G. Gray and A. Moran, "Defining a Partnership: USNA/NOAA Collaborative Workshop on Ocean Exploration." National Marine Educators Association, Annapolis, MD, Jul 2014.

Rosasco, N.S. and D. Brown: "Digital Freedom Fighting: an interdisciplinary science and engineering education module." ASEE 2014 Zone I Conference, University of Bridgeport, Apr 2014.

Steppe, C.N., C. Neal, L. Wallendorf, A. Moran and G. Gray, "Don't fence me in: introducing students in grades 6-12 to aquaculture engineering via a hands-on classroom activity." World Aquaculture Society Meeting, Nashville, TN, Feb 2013. 

Moran, A. "A different approach to recruiting girls in engineering." JOM, Jan 2008.

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