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Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM Center for Education and Outreach

The USNA STEM Center is focused on addressing an urgent national need for more young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. USNA faculty and midshipmen provide STEM outreach to local and national communities to engage and influence students and teachers.

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Latest News

Image for St. Louis Navy Week
St. Louis Navy Week
MIDN Annie Dunigan, August Will, and Josh Engler along with ENS Julian Brown, Capt P.J. Moran, and Prof Pat Moran traveled to St Louis to represent the USNA STEM Center at St. Louis Navy Week, Sept 6-8. The group, also supported by... Read more
Image for Summer SET Sail STEM Educator Training
Summer SET Sail STEM Educator Training
"The USNA SET Sail STEM Educator Training was energetic, informative, and filled with activities to take home and use in my classroom. I feel recharged and empowered to teach students about a variety of STEM topics with authentic,... Read more
Image for Summer STEM Program
Summer STEM Program
"I loved meeting my squad and going to the modules," expressed one attendee. Another stated that "I liked learning about different career fields and increasing my knowledge of STEM."  From another student came the comment, "I... Read more
Image for Summer Heroes Youth Program
Summer Heroes Youth Program
The USNA Summer Heroes Youth Program (SHYP) focuses on engaging middle school students from Baltimore City, MD, Washington, DC and Prince George's County, MD through exciting engineering and science activities, led by midshipmen... Read more
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